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November 14, 2012

I found something pretty amazing online. I’m hoping you’ll come along with me and check out this very cool, very well done zombie comedy series. It’s four episodes about two unlikely roommates dealing with a zombie outbreak. I did an interview with the Matt and Joe, the creative team behind the series and I’ll be bringing that to you a bit later. For now, go check out what all the fuss is about.

– Mr. Frights


REVIEW: ParaNorman

August 20, 2012


Mr. Frights

It’s pretty hard to go into this movie and not know what it’s about. The trailers do a decent job of setting expectations, giving the audience a clue as to how much fun this movie is going to be without going so far as to ruin it. Like a skilled pusher, they give you a taste & then you’re on the hook for more, unable to resist wanting to see this. Even people outside the targeted audience are clamoring to check it out. The thing is, it’s WAY better than you think!

I went in a couple days late, I’d not seen a lot of discussion on the flick, but comments were favorable, not that it really mattered because like I said, it looked great! If you follow my blog then you saw me post about ParaNorman being worth seeing and tossing you it’s website. Hopefully you went to check it out because they have some fun things on there including a mobile game, info on the characters, info on the people who made the movie, it’s a good pre-show experience. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the site:

And don’t forget to hit up the production company’s website which looks pretty cool as well:

Without giving anything away… The story is about a kid who can see and talk with the deceased, but he’s used to it and it’s like they are just normal people. There’s this curse on the town and it’s his time to use his gift to help save everyone after his creepy uncle who has the same gift ends up passing on. Norman is joined by a typical group of “friends” to help him along, however, they turn out to be anything but the usual lot after all which does a lot for the movie. The film is full of scares and very intense moments, especially toward the end, but it’s also filled with a great message or two not just for the kids, but for everyone; and it hits on many levels without being preachy.

The first writing & directing credit for Chris Butler, it’s a very impressive mark on both kid films and horror cinema. Previously Chris worked on “Corpse Bride” and “Coraline”, according to IMDB, as a storyboard artist. So, who knows where he got his ability to put something so completely amazing together. The movie is Co-Directed with Sam Fell, who also doesn’t have a huge IMDB resume just yet, other than the hit “The Tale of Despereaux”. Another thing of note is the music which was really impressive. I don’t know too many films that had me paying any attention at all to the score they way this did and this just stirred something in me, especially how it added to the movie – so I have to mention it.

I didn’t recognize a ton of names in the cast, but they all did a great job. My only issue with the movie is that the mom’s face looked really weird to me for some reason. It kind of reminded me of someone who might have had dental work done recently and just had this deformation from swelling or something. Oh and John Goodman’s character has this beard that reminded me of one of those shag type carpets that are so popular these days. So nothing really big deal to dislike, and nothing took me out of the story.

Anyone who goes to check out this flick is going to have a lot of fun! I saw it in 3D and that was exceptionally done with the right depth and not just as a gimmick. Not to mention I got a sweet pair of special green ParaNorman 3D glasses!

ParaNorman | Official Theatrical Trailer – Rated PG [HD] – YouTube.

As for this being a movie for the whole family… I went and saw it with my 8 year old daughter. I saw someone post it would be scary for kids, and I can totally see what they are talking about, but she loved it! The movie is intense and it’s not your typical family fun flick. They did a great job with this movie, giving everyone something to enjoy, they pushed the intensity though and that’s the part that might get to a child if they scare easily. However, there’s no real gore or anything, the zombies are a bit scary but fun, and it is a cartoon so…

I highly suggest going to see this in theaters, the scope of the film and the intensity of it makes it one of those movies you don’t want to pass up while it’s out there. Especially the 3D aspect of it. If you want to see a family horror movie done the right way, this one is what will hold up as the standard both as a family horror flick and as a 3D movie. It’s a great opening to the Halloween season of films and while I’m looking forward to the other similar type of movies coming along here in the next month, this one sets the bar pretty high!

Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights






REVIEW: How To Tell the Difference Between a Zombie and The Cable Repair Guy

August 16, 2012

Mr. Frights

Every year about this time I begin to search for family Halloween or horror books. They don’t always jump out at you, so I want to bring as many as I can to your attention. This time I’m reviewing a new book that you can get for your Kindle (though you definitely don’t need a kindle to read it. You can download a free kindle app for your computer or your smart phone) and it’s perfect for your little ones as well as fun for adults. I laughed pretty hard while going over this one.


Author Jennifer Ritter has put together an amusing “how to” with fun stick figure style illustrations. The drawings are done by the author and in a very tongue-in-cheek kind of way, poking fun at her own art skills along the way. But it’s also very appropriate for the story too.


We have here a short [or kid sized] book explaining just what the title says – How To Tell The Difference Between a Zombie and The Cable Repair Guy. This is a creative look at something we often take for granted in our lives and the idea that we should be observant of the things around us. I may be putting meaning into this that the author didn’t intend, but it’s totally there.

Cover for “How To Tell The Difference Between a Zombie and The Cable Repair Guy” by author & illustrator Jennifer Ritter

The comparisons of a zombie and a cable repair guy are pretty funny and the way that this just keeps finding more differences to help you discern between the two creatures is incredibly humorous, so don’t be afraid to chuckle out loud like I did, even if you’re by yourself. The humor starts from the very title page of the book and even in the copyright statement.


I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. The surprise and delight I ended up experiencing while reading this, for me, makes this an instant must have. I shared it with my daughter and she LOVED it! Jennifer put a truly fun and funny book together and at just $3 bucks you really can’t beat it. The bottom line is that this should be a hit with parents and kids alike, especially if you are a fan of horror, Halloween, or humor.


To find out more about the author please see her page on – [Jennifer’s Author Page]


To get your hands on the book please check out this [link]


And if you’d really like to get to know the author I highly suggest checking out the interview I did with her here:


It would be a smart thing for you to get this book, especially if you have kids and need to teach them to tell the difference between a zombie and the cable repair guy. After all, better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared.


Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights






The Best Zombie Costumes of 2012

July 10, 2012


Zombie costumes are a really popular genre of Halloween costumes. Over at we spend our time gathering together the best outfits from around the web and make it easy for costume lovers to search for costume ideas. One of the things we are always surprised by is just how inventive, and pleasingly gross, people can get with their zombiecostume ideas.

Let’s take a look at some of the best zombie costumes we have spotted in 2012.

Zombie Abraham Lincoln

Everyone knows that an Abraham Lincoln costume is made up of the trademark beard and tall hat. When you couple that with the knowledge he was shot at the theatre then the next step is clearly an Abe Licoln zombie outfit complete with bullet would through the cheek.

Zombie JFK and Jackie O

Continuing the presidential assassination theme this bulletin ridden JFK and blood spattered Jackie O zombie costume idea is a great idea for a couple to wear. After all when you’re going to a zombie party you have to be coordinated.

Zombie Prom Queen

Some people like nothing better than to destroy something beautiful and there is certainly something pleasingly macabre about turning your prom dress in to a zombie prom queen outfit. It’s also pretty practical as well. After all how many times do you really get to wear that fancy dress?

Zombie Pregnant Woman

If you’re squeamish then you probably aren’t going to be too interested in all things zombie but this costume certainly isn’t for the feint of heart and definitely strays over in to the bad taste category. However,it ticks all the boxes for an eye catching, grotesque costume and that’s what you want a zombie outfit to be.

Zombie Steve Jobs

Moving on from one bad taste costume and taking that even further we have this zombie Steve Jobs example. If you can get over the ‘too soon’ element of the outfit you have to marvel at the audacity of the accessories including an apple logo embossed turtle neck and an ipad with a coffin on it.

Those have been some of our favorite zombie costumes of 2012. We’re constantly updating out database of costumes and we are sure to uncover some more freaky, shocking outfits very soon.

– David at


Flashback: Mr. Frights Presents “Gnaw”

June 9, 2012

In October of 2010 The first Mr. Frights produced short film presented a playful couple think Zombies are all fun and games until someone gets hurt… Make sure you watch all the way through the end for some added fun during the credits!

Mr. Frights Presents… Gnaw – YouTube.

Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights




Today’s random Frights playlist video: The Phantods Lone Highway

June 5, 2012

If you haven’t heard of them, you should. Today’s video just happens to be one shot by some friends of mine and done by a local band. Together they made something special… so please check out today’s random Frights playlist video:

Phantods – Lone Highway – YouTube.





May 29, 2012


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