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It’s been a long time…

December 22, 2012

Wow, so it’s been forever (I exaggerate) since I’ve done a post here. I’ve done an interview with the Bumbloods creators and I need to get that up. I got stopped in my tracks because of a computer malfunction and had to rebuild. I’m still not 100%, but I’m guessing I never will be from the way it was before the crash so I might as well get back to it any way I can.

It’s been a heck of a year for collectors, which is where I want to start. I’ll just be posting some of my top items from the past year, if you feel like contributing to any of the great pieces you’ve picked up, go ahead and leave me a note in the comments or a picture or something.


Hero From The Sky Ash

Hero From The Sky Ash by N.E.C.A.

Hero From The Sky Ash by N.E.C.A.

N.E.C.A. released a series of Evil Dead II figures including Henrietta, Hero Ash, Deadite Ash, and Farewell to Arms Ash. All of these were brilliant figures, but perhaps the best of them all was the SD Comic Con exclusive figure Hero From The Sky Ash depicting our hero at the end of ED II which would lead to the beginning of Army of Darkness. Made in a terrific sepia tone this one is special beyond anything I can express, not just because of the paint, but it comes with a terrific base and special packaging that just sets it apart from the rest of the figures in this series.


Tar Man

Amok Time Tar Man from Return of The Living Dead

Amok Time Tar Man from Return of The Living Dead

If you missed out on this one, you should try to find it because any collection without this piece is going to be incomplete. This brilliantly crafted figure is sculpted to exquisite detail, including the canister in the wall of the base and the bloody brain with the bite taken out of it which is loose so not only can you place it on the base where it belongs, but you can pose this guy with his snack in hand! Not part of any series of figures, this guy is a one off collectible that we’ll likely never see again. If we do, it would be very challenging to make one better.


Cereal Killer Trading Cards Series 2

Cereal Killers Series 2 Trading Cards

Cereal Killers Series 2 Trading Cards

If you haven’t caught on yet, Wax-Eye’s Cereal Killer trading cards are the coolest trading cards I’ve ever seen! Artwork by Joe Simko, these cards depict our favorite movie monsters in mock cereal boxes. The packs come as three boxes of mini cereal style boxes or as single foil packs. The boxes come with the entire base series and a few of the premium cards. They also each contain an eye ball gum keeping with the old gum in the trading cards packs theme from when I was a kid. This spin on trading cards is just awesome and I loved seeing what monsters they chose to do this time around. Series one was terrific, series two was better, here’s hoping for a series three!!


Eddie and Marilyn Munster

Eddie and Marilyn Munster by Diamond Select

Eddie and Marilyn Munster by Diamond Select

Diamond Select continued their Universal Monsters theme throughout the year giving us such figures as Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth and The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera and The Invisible Man as well as more Universal Monster Mini Mates. But perhaps their best was the series two Munster figures of Eddie and Marilyn. Why are these the best? Because it completes the family that was left out of series one. We had Herman, Lilly, and Grandpa, leaving open space for these two characters and when I found out they came in a two pack, I was just tickled that I wouldn’t have to spend a lot to complete my scary collection of one of the most ghoulish families to grace classic television. The best part next to these characters was the items that came with them. If you’ll notice you get their pet dragon’s collar and leash as well as Wolfie, Eddie’s Wolfman doll!


Well Zombie


McFarlane Well Walker Zombie

McFarlane Well Walker Zombie

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any McFarlane figures, mostly due to them cancelling their Movie Maniacs line of figures. This year though they put out one of the most exciting figures I’ve seen in a while. The ‘Well Zombie’ as it’s being called in the packaging was the Well Walker from season two of the Walking Dead AMC show based on the Walking Dead comic. This guy is my favorite of this series of figures which included the Bicycle Girl Zombie, Shane, and the RV Zombie. Well Zombie comes with the canned ham that was used to initially try to lure him out of the well, but we all know Well Zombie doesn’t want canned ham. They ended up using a rope to pull him out and when they did he ripped in half! Gross yes, but it made for one of the most recognized scenes in the series (I think) and for a great figure too because he does indeed come with the rope around him and he rips apart in the middle with guts hanging out and all!



MEZCO Frankenstein Monster Scale Figure

MEZCO Frankenstein Monster Scale Figure

So, Toys R Us surprised me when they featured this 9″ monster figure by MEZCO, I picked it up and found it was very heavy. I bought it. Then I found out that they made what Mezco is calling a Monster Scale figure at 19″ tall. I had to get him! It’s pretty expensive for a vinyl figure, and probably weighs the same at the 9″ figure because of the material it is made out of, which makes it feel really light. But it’s still solid and it’s a great sculpt of the character which is why I got him in the first place. I really think Mezco has outdone themselves with this and it’s not the last one we’ll see as they say they are releasing a couple other Universal Monster figures coming up.


Honorable Mentions

There have been a lot of great collectible toys that came out this year, and it’s hard to narrow them down to the best. We had some cool Freddy Krueger figures, some great Jason Voorhees figures (both by N.E.C.A.), and to keep step with all these great releases above and the ones I just mentioned, Funko continued their line of monster Pop! figures with a Leatherface and Jack Skellington and Sally figures.

Funko Pop! Leatherface

Funko Pop! Leatherface

Jack Skellington & Sally Funko Pop! Figures

Jack Skellington & Sally Funko Pop! Figures


So, there’s my list of the best collectible toys of 2012. I’m sure I missed some because of how I choose to collect, but that’s why I’m leaving it open so YOU can share your favorites with me!


– Mr. Frights


REVIEW: Cereal Killers Trading Cards Series 2 from Wax-Eye

July 16, 2012

When series 1 came out, I was all over it. I seriously bought at least one 3-pack every pay period [twice that when they went on sale for half price]. The goal was to get at least one if not two complete base sets. I ended up with about seven sets and have been handing off the extra sets as prizes in Mr. Frights contests. I kept the little cereal boxes the cards came in, kept the bases, I even have two sets of the boxes on display in my collection room (one for each side of the boxes). They came with eyeball gum, a surprise in each individual box like a temp tattoo, magnet, black light card, etc. Once in a while you’d get a super cool premium card like a sketch card or a gold card.

Series 1 Cereal Killer 3-pack boxes

Now, when I heard that Wax-eye was making a series 2, I was super excited! The first series was pretty awesome and a second series would surely be at least as good. The fun of course being in the discovery of what’s in the boxes. Little did I consider that series 2 would be so freaking far beyond what we got in series 1!

The best part of these cards for me is the spoofing of the cereals using my favorite characters from horror. Michael Myers [Hallowheaties], Ash [The Wheatful Dead], Freddy, etc. they all made an appearance in the first series. In 55 cards you’d think they’d have covered almost everyone, especially the important figures. Well, in series 2, they have 55 more surprises that include another round of our favorite horror figures, a lot I’m almost ashamed to say that I had forgotten about… but that’s how great series 1 was. So if I’m telling you series 2 is even better, than you should be impressed.

First, the new packaging for series 2 include some more amazing design work and features Dracula [Apple Dracs] and Count Chocula [Count Zombula]. The fact that I didn’t even think for them to have done spoofs on the monster cereals themselves just blows my mind, but it made me smile real big when I saw they were included in this set. Series 1 only had Frankenberry [Frankly Burried] as I recall.

Series 2 Cereal Killers Trading Cards 3-Pack

What’s in the boxes:

20 cards per box, two premium cards, eyeball gum.

In better detail I’ll tell you something pretty incredible. They made it so you get an entire base set per 3-pack of cards. That means you’ll get all 55 cards in one shot! I can not tell you how HUGE that is. For someone like myself who spent literally hundreds of dollars buying these things so fill in my sets, now I can just buy a few sets and be done! I won’t have to hunt for that one special card that you only come across once in a few sets.

The other incredible thing is that they include TWO premium cards per box per 3-pack. That’s 6 premium cards! Last series you were super lucky to get even one premium card as they were filled with magnets, black light cards, and temp tattoos. This time we’re being treated to some impressive Silver Spoon Foil cards and Sugar Glitter Cards as well as Glow-in-the-Dark Fluorescent Stickers and a one of a kind Color Sketch card.

Sugar Glitter Premium Cards

Silver Spoon Cards


And the third incredible thing… the eye ball gum is even better! The last series had eye ball gum, but the printing on the candy wasn’t all that great. This time, the printing on the gum is very detailed, very distinct, and not worn off at all. I almost don’t want to eat the gum because it’s so awesome looking!

Now, about the cost… Some people talked about how the price was to much when series 1 came out. It really does seem a bit high when you consider how a pack of cards costs about $2 bucks and here you’re spending $25 dollars. The reality is that you’re buying 60 cards in those 3-packs, plus the gum, plus the special cards, plus the cool packaging. So, while $2 dollars per pack seems more reasonable than $25 per 3-pack, think about the math – that $2 gets you maybe 5 cards so 60 cards is like 12 packs of cards which adds up to around… $25 bucks! So before anyone gets all turned off about price, just remember it’s the exact same thing, just buying in bulk.

Now, the price has gone up on series 2, which I bulked at myself. I mean it was about $32 bucks every time I bought a pack (including shipping) and now it’s gonna be more like $37 or so when you lump in shipping on these three packs. But, like I said before, if you’re spending 2 bucks a pack on cards then it’s basically the same thing. The price increase though is justified I think. I mean you get a full base set each time out AND you get the new awesome premium cards. And lets not lose sight of the fact that Wacky Packages 3-packs sell for around the same price, so it’s pretty standard for these items.

Sticker Packs

But don’t worry! If you’re still turned off by the price of these 3-packs they have “normal” packs of cards for you at your preferred $2 dollars a pack [$1.75 for series 1 packs] and as of right now, they are FREE SHIPPING. There are 8 cards in the series 2 packs and 5 cards in the series 1 packs. The sticker cards are the same as the cards you get in the 3-packs. The only thing is, you won’t be getting a full set without buying lots of packs of these sticker cards. With the 3-packs, 1 set gets you all 55 base cards. Boom!

If you didn’t jump on the Wax-eye train last time, when I reviewed series 1, or when I offered up complete sets of series 1 in one of my wonderful contests, then you’re a little behind. Don’t miss out any more! Get in on the awesomeness that is Cereal Killers Trading Cards!! They are a great throw back to memories of your childhood, they represent tons of our favorite horror icons, the spoofs of the cereals are pretty funny, and you KNOW someday they will be worth a pretty penny! Trust me when I say you’ll be sorry you didn’t get in on these now.

Subset of Classics in Black and White

Scream of Wheat, one of my favorites from the new series



You can get them directly from of course!

Some Toys R Us stores sell them, and based on my own intuition and some answers I got from Wax-Eye if you REALLY want them in other stores, you can talk to those buyers and beg them to get some in. Show some support for these terrific collectibles, show some love, petition the stores you shop at, and I’m sure after a while you’ll see them at your local Targets (since they sell the Garbage Pale Kids cards and Wacky Packages cards).

Because of how cool these cards are, because of how much Wax-eye has outdone themselves, because these are amazing Joe Simko pieces of art, I’m giving these cards the highest rating I can, four screams!

And while you’re at it, go check out their Facebook page!


Enjoy the horror my frightful friends!

– Mr. Frights



Mr. Frights’ All Out Scary Talent Show Off

June 1, 2012

Because this prize is so big we need a big contest. You’ll need to make sure you follow ALL the rules to be eligible so make sure you read carefully. This is a talent contest! Use your best talent for scary fun and the best one wins. It’s that simple. However, you have to follow these steps to qualify:

1. ‘Like’ Mr. Frights on Facebook. []

2. Share Mr. Frights’ link to his page on Facebook [] (I’ll need to see your post so be sure it’s visible to me by tagging “@Mr. Frights” in it or by sharing your Facebook link in the e-mail entry so I can go see it)

3. Submit your best SCARY fun (as long as it revolves around horror, we’ll take it. Horror, horror comedy, etc.) piece of work. You’re best writing [poem, story, screenplay, etc. Please nothing over 2000 words.], Your best photo (example) [please no file over the size of 1MB], painting, song (example), video (example), performance [please nothing over ten(10) minutes]; whatever you think you’re good at, that’s what I want to see. (NOTE: Don’t be intimidated, you never know who will enter the contest and the examples are just to show what types of things we’re looking for. Do your best, and give it a shot!)

For any material that is not digital, you may send a photo of the entry. For other entries that can not be e-mailed directly, you may submit a link (i.e. video on YOUR account). The linked account you submit MUST have your real name on it and in the description of the work submitted so we can verify you are submitting your own work. All entries MUST be your own work. You can NOT submit the work of someone else, you can NOT submit FOR someone else. The work submitted [as in YOUR work] MUST have been completed in the past two(2) years – anything older than JUNE 1, 2010 will NOT be eligible. If you submit a performance of someone else’s work [i.e. your best “Thriller” performance] you MUST credit the original work, author, creator, etc. for the work to be eligible.

You have two (2) weeks to submit your piece. The contest ends Friday June 15th at 11:59PM. At the end of the two weeks I’ll look over the entries and with a crack team of contest judges, pick a winner. The winner will be notified by e-mail no later than the last day of June. You have three (3) days to respond to the winning notification. If you do not respond within the three day period the prize will be passed on to the next winner in line who also has three days to respond or the same result applies.

OFFICIAL ENTRIES MUST: be sent to the e-mail mrfrights[at]gmail[dot]com and MUST include your real name, a good return e-mail address, your Facebook link if you’re using that to verify the second part of the entry process, and your shipping address. Only one (1) entry per household. ENTRIES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THESE RULES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! PLEASE NOTE: People who enter this contest agree to give Mr. Frights permission to exhibit their submitted entries.

PRIZE: One lucky winner will recieve this awesome prize pack which includes: Three (3) autographed photos of Actress Jessica Cameron; an autographed promo print of Mr. Frights; a complete set of Topps Fright Flicks trading cards; a complete base set of Wax-Eye Cereal Killer trading cards series 1.

On a side note, it would be scary cool of you if you’d go give Jessica Cameron a ‘like’ and give Wax-Eye a visit.

Good frights and good luck!

– Mr. Frights


You could win this…

May 31, 2012

Mr. Frights Prize Pack

If you haven’t ‘liked’ Mr. Frights on Facebook, this is one of the great things you’re missing out on. Don’t miss out on your chance to win this sweet prize pack! Details on this upcoming contest will come soon…

– Mr. Frights


Mr. Frights’ Wax-Eye Cereal Killer Cards Raffle

May 12, 2012

Congratulations to Christopher W. who won the raffle for the Series 1 Wax-Eye Cereal Killer trading cards. Christopher will be getting the complete basic set of the series one cards as well as some bonus materials such as the most common of the special items in the set (Black light stickers, tattoo, magnet). His set will be in protective sleeves and will come with the boxes the cards come in and the base that the boxes sit in so that he’ll have all the stuff to show off the cards and how they came.

Keep up with Mr. Frights on Facebook or Twitter for future chances to win some cool horror stuff!

Enjoy the horror!

– Mr. Frights




Win with Mr. Frights!

May 7, 2012

Win a set of Wax-Eye Cereal Killer Series 1 Trading Cards by entering the raffle on my main website:




Scare The Hell Out of Mr. Frights – Writing Contest

August 25, 2011

Scare The Hell Out of Mr. Frights is back! I’m doing a special one (1) week “back to school” contest for writers. Give me your best short scary story (1500 words or less) and the winner gets a full basic set of Cereal Killer Trading Cards (numbers 1 through 55, does not include special cards).

Hit the link for full details & guidelines. <– Important, make sure you do this.

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