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It’s been a long time…

December 22, 2012

Wow, so it’s been forever (I exaggerate) since I’ve done a post here. I’ve done an interview with the Bumbloods creators and I need to get that up. I got stopped in my tracks because of a computer malfunction and had to rebuild. I’m still not 100%, but I’m guessing I never will be from the way it was before the crash so I might as well get back to it any way I can.

It’s been a heck of a year for collectors, which is where I want to start. I’ll just be posting some of my top items from the past year, if you feel like contributing to any of the great pieces you’ve picked up, go ahead and leave me a note in the comments or a picture or something.


Hero From The Sky Ash

Hero From The Sky Ash by N.E.C.A.

Hero From The Sky Ash by N.E.C.A.

N.E.C.A. released a series of Evil Dead II figures including Henrietta, Hero Ash, Deadite Ash, and Farewell to Arms Ash. All of these were brilliant figures, but perhaps the best of them all was the SD Comic Con exclusive figure Hero From The Sky Ash depicting our hero at the end of ED II which would lead to the beginning of Army of Darkness. Made in a terrific sepia tone this one is special beyond anything I can express, not just because of the paint, but it comes with a terrific base and special packaging that just sets it apart from the rest of the figures in this series.


Tar Man

Amok Time Tar Man from Return of The Living Dead

Amok Time Tar Man from Return of The Living Dead

If you missed out on this one, you should try to find it because any collection without this piece is going to be incomplete. This brilliantly crafted figure is sculpted to exquisite detail, including the canister in the wall of the base and the bloody brain with the bite taken out of it which is loose so not only can you place it on the base where it belongs, but you can pose this guy with his snack in hand! Not part of any series of figures, this guy is a one off collectible that we’ll likely never see again. If we do, it would be very challenging to make one better.


Cereal Killer Trading Cards Series 2

Cereal Killers Series 2 Trading Cards

Cereal Killers Series 2 Trading Cards

If you haven’t caught on yet, Wax-Eye’s Cereal Killer trading cards are the coolest trading cards I’ve ever seen! Artwork by Joe Simko, these cards depict our favorite movie monsters in mock cereal boxes. The packs come as three boxes of mini cereal style boxes or as single foil packs. The boxes come with the entire base series and a few of the premium cards. They also each contain an eye ball gum keeping with the old gum in the trading cards packs theme from when I was a kid. This spin on trading cards is just awesome and I loved seeing what monsters they chose to do this time around. Series one was terrific, series two was better, here’s hoping for a series three!!


Eddie and Marilyn Munster

Eddie and Marilyn Munster by Diamond Select

Eddie and Marilyn Munster by Diamond Select

Diamond Select continued their Universal Monsters theme throughout the year giving us such figures as Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth and The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera and The Invisible Man as well as more Universal Monster Mini Mates. But perhaps their best was the series two Munster figures of Eddie and Marilyn. Why are these the best? Because it completes the family that was left out of series one. We had Herman, Lilly, and Grandpa, leaving open space for these two characters and when I found out they came in a two pack, I was just tickled that I wouldn’t have to spend a lot to complete my scary collection of one of the most ghoulish families to grace classic television. The best part next to these characters was the items that came with them. If you’ll notice you get their pet dragon’s collar and leash as well as Wolfie, Eddie’s Wolfman doll!


Well Zombie


McFarlane Well Walker Zombie

McFarlane Well Walker Zombie

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any McFarlane figures, mostly due to them cancelling their Movie Maniacs line of figures. This year though they put out one of the most exciting figures I’ve seen in a while. The ‘Well Zombie’ as it’s being called in the packaging was the Well Walker from season two of the Walking Dead AMC show based on the Walking Dead comic. This guy is my favorite of this series of figures which included the Bicycle Girl Zombie, Shane, and the RV Zombie. Well Zombie comes with the canned ham that was used to initially try to lure him out of the well, but we all know Well Zombie doesn’t want canned ham. They ended up using a rope to pull him out and when they did he ripped in half! Gross yes, but it made for one of the most recognized scenes in the series (I think) and for a great figure too because he does indeed come with the rope around him and he rips apart in the middle with guts hanging out and all!



MEZCO Frankenstein Monster Scale Figure

MEZCO Frankenstein Monster Scale Figure

So, Toys R Us surprised me when they featured this 9″ monster figure by MEZCO, I picked it up and found it was very heavy. I bought it. Then I found out that they made what Mezco is calling a Monster Scale figure at 19″ tall. I had to get him! It’s pretty expensive for a vinyl figure, and probably weighs the same at the 9″ figure because of the material it is made out of, which makes it feel really light. But it’s still solid and it’s a great sculpt of the character which is why I got him in the first place. I really think Mezco has outdone themselves with this and it’s not the last one we’ll see as they say they are releasing a couple other Universal Monster figures coming up.


Honorable Mentions

There have been a lot of great collectible toys that came out this year, and it’s hard to narrow them down to the best. We had some cool Freddy Krueger figures, some great Jason Voorhees figures (both by N.E.C.A.), and to keep step with all these great releases above and the ones I just mentioned, Funko continued their line of monster Pop! figures with a Leatherface and Jack Skellington and Sally figures.

Funko Pop! Leatherface

Funko Pop! Leatherface

Jack Skellington & Sally Funko Pop! Figures

Jack Skellington & Sally Funko Pop! Figures


So, there’s my list of the best collectible toys of 2012. I’m sure I missed some because of how I choose to collect, but that’s why I’m leaving it open so YOU can share your favorites with me!


– Mr. Frights



May 29, 2012



The Walking Dead – Atlanta Run – AMC

April 18, 2012

The Walking Dead – Atlanta Run – AMC.

While I’m at it, I think I’m going to finally take a crack at this…

Here’s the Social game from Facebook:!/TheWalkingDeadAMC/app_203930096380287


Walking Dead Promo is pure awesome!

February 19, 2012

A friend shared this video. Just watch it, because it’s one hell of a brilliant piece of promotion…





The Walking Dead mid-season rundown

December 1, 2011

So Frank Darabont [forced] to step down as show runner of The Walking Dead and the season is at it’s mid-season break. I’m not familiar with the comic, but the first season of the show was really amazing. The second season so far has been pretty good. I say “pretty good” because they just spent an entire half a season in the same spot looking for a lost little girl and taking care of some wounded. Not much body count, and not many zombies to deal with. The few zombies they have dealt with were indeed revealing of the times these people are surviving in, but still, most of the season was “side quests”.

Did it make a difference not having Darabont in the driver’s seat? How far along were they before he stepped down? Was this season a little bit wasted because they had so much more time to work with? Do you guys think it actually paced itself well?

I for one hope they push up the pace a little. I’m not sure where they are going or some of the stronger plot points they need to hit, but it kind of bothered me that they became so “stuck in the mud” so to speak, on that farm. Other than that, they had some great zombie kills (i.e. the well walker) and the mid-season finale wrapped some things up nicely (I don’t want to give any spoilers for those who need to catch up). The character growth was really exciting and it’s getting harder to decide who my favorite character is.

I love Daryl, Shane is a giant tool, and Rick comes off like a real pansy some times. Last year it was all about Rick and how badass he was because of his circumstances, so this is a huge change for me. I’m not sure if this is exactly on purpose or the people running the show don’t really know what direction some of these characters need to take to be the people they want them to be. People don’t just change that quickly. Granted, the circumstances are extreme, but still, development (growth) vs. changing outright are two different things.

Andrea is coming into her own so far and that’s been cool to watch. She doesn’t want to be a victim any more and from season one all she was doing was being a whiny crying victim of everything. I really like Glenn too. He’s a character I hope we’ll see a lot more from. He’s been so much a background part of the main cast that I’m just expecting him to have some great moments.The rest of the cast, they haven’t changed for anything and I expect them to be the most stable and I don’t really care about them one way or another. As far as I can say, they are completely expendable and bring opportunities for the other characters to change at their loss or whatever happens to them.

[Sneak Peek Here]

Some of the things I’d like to know… when they do finally move on, will any of the farm people be following the main group? Who, if anyone, will be sacrificing themselves for the others to get away? Will they run out of resources with all the extra people to support? Will there be a walker invasion the likes of what we saw on the highway at the opening of this season? How else or what else could make them have to move on? Herschel? Hmmmmm.

I enjoyed this season, probably not as much at the first season but I definitely am looking forward to what happens next and isn’t that what makes a great show? The “what happens next” factor is sort of my guide to what kinds of shows I think will make it… this show has that in spades and because of that I hope it lasts a while longer. We’ve seen it before though where a show has had that factor but because of lack of support from a solid fan base or solid profits coming in it just collapses.Here’s hoping for a good five season run!

Oh and I hope you guys have been watching the after show “The Talking Dead”. It really is fun to get those insights from cast and crew from the show and some of the fun facts and upcoming teases they give. I think they actually gave something away they were not supposed to yet during the last episode, and that moment was kind of funny. When the show is released on DVD, the Talking Dead should be a companion set to it. Good on ya!

Feel free to discuss this with us here on this blog entry or over on our Facebook page! –


– Mr. Frights


Preludes and Nocturnes by Jerod Brennen

April 8, 2011

Horror comics.  They can be traced back to the Japanese Gaki-zoshi (Scroll of Hungry Ghosts), although most modern comic book fans are more likely to point to the Tales from the Crypt series that EC Comics ran in the 1950’s.

But have you read any of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman?

I confess, I’m a Gaiman junkie.  American Gods?  Loved it, but not nearly as much as Good Omens.  And as much as I love Fragile Things (his audiobook recording of “Other People” is chilling),  I can’t deny that his children’s book The Wolves in the Walls is one of the creepiest stories I have EVER read.

Next to Sandman.

I first read Sandman years ago in trade paperback form.  DC published Sandman as part of their Vertigo storyline, a series of horror titles targeted at mature readers.  A friend / fellow comic book geek / Lutheran minister raved about how great the books were, and he offered to let me borrow his copies.

How could I refuse?

The story begins in 1916, as a practitioner of the dark arts conducts a ritual to capture Death.  The ceremony is a spectacular failure.  Almost.  The magician fails to capture Death, but instead captures Death’s brother: Dream.

The Sandman.

Dream is stripped of his possessions and imprisoned in a magic sphere for decades.  The world beyond the sphere is haunted by nightmares as the Lord of the Dream Realm is held hostage.  When the magic circle surrounding Dream’s prison is broken, Dream makes his escape and exacts his revenge.

And it’s brutally brilliant.


The first eight issues of the Sandman series are collected in the trade paperback Preludes and Nocturnes.  After Gaiman introduces us to Dream, he takes us on a journey with his dark hero as he recovers his possessions: his bag of sand, his helm, and a ruby composed of the essence of Dream himself.

Of the eight stories in that initial arc, “24 Hours” is by far the darkest.  Gaiman takes a forgotten DC villain, Dr. Destiny (or “Dee”), and resurrects him from the bowels of Arkham Asylum to play a key role Dream’s return to his kingdom.  The Sandman’s ruby falls into Dr. Destiny’s possession, and this bat-shit crazy reject from a Vault of Horror story decides that he wants to use the ruby to destroy the world through madness and nightmares.


His first stop: a little 24-hour diner whose handful of patrons are about to go through a hell that none of them could have ever imagined.
Hour by godforsaken hour, Dee subjects these people to one unspeakable horror after the next.  While Gaiman’s tale centers on Dee, the same story told from the patrons’ point of view could be a modern horror movie that rival any Hollywood horror film produced in the last 30 years.  Imagine being a pawn at the mercy of gods, praying for a release from hell, knowing that death is your only chance at freedom…

If you’re one of the “lucky” ones…

My favorite story from this arc, hands-down, is “A Hope in Hell.”  Having tracked his helm to a demon in Hell, Dream literally knocks on the Gates of Hell and demands an audience with Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Azazel: Hell’s triumvirate.  Dream has come for his helm, and he demands that the lords of Hell return it to him.


Dream is lured into a game with the demon who possesses the helm, winner take all.  This battle of wits requires each being to become anything in reality, with the intent of destroying his opponent.  The game continues until one of the combatants falters.

How does it end?  You want me to ruin one of the most fantastic stories I’ve ever read?

Too bad.  You’ll have to pick up your own copy to find out.

While Gaiman’s Sandman series is clearly a horror book in the beginning, it evolves into a dark fantasy over time.  However, characters like The Corinthian and storylines like the Cereal (Killers) Convention will leave horror fans more than satisfied.

As for a Sandman movie, don’t hold your breath.  Rossio and Elliot, the team behind the Pirates of the Carribean franchise, drafted a Sandman screenplay that never made it out of development hell.  With The Walking Dead bridging the gap between horror comics and horror television, maybe Gaiman and company need to take another look at their options.

As horror comics go, however, Sandman needs to be at the top of your must-read list.

Jerod Brennen

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