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Review: Funko Pop! Leatherface

June 19, 2012

Just a quick rundown of this new piece from Funko. The Funko Pop! Leatherface figure completes the major horror figures set as far as I’m concerned. Funko released Freddy, Jason, and Michael in the last series of Pop! figures, and while we all could come up with a bunch more they should add, like Pinhead, if they never make another horror Pop! figure I’d have to call this a set (even though it’s from a different series).


I believe this is the last of three horror figures in this round of Pop! figures from Funko, the other two being Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Not a bad showing of support for Horror from Funko, though like I said, I can come up with a bunch more I’d like to see. This one however, is my focus this time around.

The biggest thing here is that he looks “sad”. I know the idea is to make a fun and cute version of these characters, and this guy is cute, but he’s the only one of the horror figures that has this sad look on his face. I believe it’s a bit more detailed than the Freddy, Jason, and Michael figures, so maybe that’s why this comes off like it does. Still, it’s an excellent addition. The sadness doesn’t take away from it, but rather adds to it in my opinion.

I don’t have many Leatherface figures, but this is a welcome addition to the ones I do have. The increase in detail might show a trend in the Funko Pop! figures which gives me hope that we may just see those other horror characters like Pinhead. The reason I keep bringing up the needle faced icon is because I think a Pop! figure with some pegs coming out of his face would be cool. And a cute version of Pinhead, that would be just as funny as these others.

If you’re interested in picking this up, I got mine at Because this is such a great addition to the horror figures Funko has already put out, I’ll give this one a three scream rating.

Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights



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