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Re-REVIEW: The Dead Matter

October 16, 2012

Written by: Tony Demci & Edward Douglas

Directed by: Edward Douglas

Starring: Andrew Divoff, Tom Savini, Sean Serino, Tom Nagel, C.B. Spencer


A young woman is guilt-ridden and depressed over the death of her brother and hey, who wouldn’t be? After several supernaturally inspired attempts to contact him on The Other Side end in failure, by shear luck and good plotting she comes upon an ancient mystical scarab charm necklace that she soon finds out just so happens to control the dead. Or should I say undead, as he (or she) who controls the scarab also commands and controls an army of zombies. Not the always hungry, brain-eating kind. I’m talking the mindless, soulless, kill-on-command, at-your-command, by-your-command kind of zombie – my kind of army of darkness right there. It’s like having your very own platoon of Paul Walkers at your fingertips to do your bidding! But wait, there’s more…

There also just happens to be a couple of vampire dudes who have been fighting back and forth with each other for centuries – one who is embracing a new way of life in a very GODFATHER type of role and another who refuses to renounce the old ways – who are after the scarab, each for his own degrees of nefarious intent. And guess who’s caught in the middle of all this mess? Damn right – the guilt-ridden, depressed girl and her friends. Enter a fearless vampire hunter into the mix, and what we have here folks, is one hell of an epic G vs. E tale unfolding RIGHT HERE on our very own TV screens. So pass the Super Duper Nachos and Jameson, and make some room on the sofa for me – we got us a party goin on right here!!!


Let me start by saying this right out of the gate – I really wish this flick had gotten a nationwide theatrical release. Sparkly, sanitized vampires glowing with emo-angst-ridden lust preening about to a 30 Seconds To Mars soundtrack have been steadily littering our screens for the last few years and honestly, sitting through one of those lazily written tales of a boring teen torn between two different, even more boring, groups of vamps and lycans has been more than enough to make me want to drive a stake through my own heart, standing in the sunlight no less. I was very much afraid that the days of brutal vampirism in the vein (HA!) of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT had been forever whitewashed into a six-movie deal of a love triangle.

Now, finally, someone has stepped up and said, “There will be none of that shit goin down in MY house!! NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!!!”, and I will forever be grateful Mr. Edward Douglas for bringing back the true vamps of old. I’m not saying this is balls to the wall action in the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT style. There is action and oh yes, there is blood, but there is also style, substance, and much like onions and ogres, layers. Good old fashioned storytelling here, folks. I’m talking multiple story arcs and conflict-ridden characters all very well written and all coming to a believable culmination by the time all’s said and done.

On the acting front, you’d better believe your ass that once again and as always, Divoff and Savini never disappoint. If only they had more screen time together to add to their epic battle…but hey, even if they were on screen together for every second of every frame and this were an eight-hour miniseries, I’d probably still bitch that they weren’t together enough. After all, this is the Djinn and Sex Machine on screen together dammit, so that’s just the geek in me coming to the surface again. Everyone else did their jobs extremely well…when you have great material to read from, you can’t go wrong. Only one small complaint about the whole deal…Sean Serino is a very beautiful young lady, but I just could not wrap my head around why such a pivotal character with so much happening to her and around her and with so much conflict in her life would be portrayed as so spacey and aloof the whole way through the flick. It was almost like she was about 37 doses too heavily into Prozac Heaven. More than once, it almost took me out of my viewing experience, but thankfully everyone else brought me back where I needed to be.

I must also send a special shout out to my kickasstastic SyFy Saturday Premiere Girlfriend – the lovely and talented Jen Sharlow, who portrayed Concubine. Tis a small role, sadly, but I’ll take what I can get. So watch for her, drool over her, want her for yourself, but most importantly, cast her…there’s a ton of heart, talent, and brains wrapped up in that body just waiting for a mass horror audience to revel in.

But now…NOW…that dream could very well come true hopefully sooner rather than later the more people that see it. Right now, THE DEAD MATTER is available at many places including your favorite online retail outlets. And before long…wait for it…WAIT FOR IIIIIIIIITTTTT…I can’t say just yet, sorry. But rest assured that soon…SOON, my fiends, you will know all the facts, and it will be in your face bigger and brighter than HD Blu-Ray porn.


I reviewed this flick once already a couple or so years ago, as you may or may not remember. But in light of a huge announcement coming VERY soon from the one & only Midnight Syndicate, I’m coming out of reviewing retirement and resurrecting my review for a special return engagement. But still, after all this time, while keelhauling my brain for something more recent to compare this flick to in order to peak your interest like mine is, my mind became way too preoccupied with the pleasure of being keelhauled and went completely when it came to anything else. But it DOES defy every single page of the current Hollyweird rulebook of horror movie making by being neither a remake, a former TV show, nor edited in today’s standard quick cut Super Hi-Meth mode – it’s an actual story unfolding right before your very eyes, just like the old Dracula movies from Hammer Films did back in the late 60s to early 70s. So there you have it, I guess – it’s like a modern Hammer film! So get your ass out there, support incredibly well done indie horror, and put this sucker in your DVD collection!!!

– Craig


Twisted Central to Host Fundraiser

October 9, 2012

Twisted Central has joined forces with indie film maker Michael Stevens (Brutal) to help bring some much needed attention to homeless animals and victims of violent crime.

Brutal will be making it’s Texas premiere during a two night screening on December 7th & 8th at 7pm at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas. Director and actor Michael Stevens, star A. Michael Baldwin (Phantasm) and composer Alan Howarth (The Thing, Halloween) will be on hand for a Q&A immediately following the film on both nights. A raffle and silent auction will be held with items signed and donated by many of your favorite horror celebrities with all proceeds going to Operation Kindness, North Texas’ oldest and largest no kill animal shelter and For Those in Need, a Portland, OR based victims of violent crime organization.

Guests scheduled to attend include actor Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies), Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave), Frederic Doss (Humans vs. Zombies), Kristen Hall (Sweatshop), model Courtney Crave and many more.

Tickets are $15.00 and will be available at the door or to reserve your seat early, you can preorder tickets by visiting the Twisted Central event page at If you are unable to attend but would like to donate that option is also available on the site. Seats are limited!!

For more information and updates you can also join the event page at


REVIEW: Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

August 30, 2012

Craig McGee

Written by:  Mike MacLean

Directed by:  Kevin O’Neill

Starring:  Jena Sims, Ryan Merriman, Sasha Jackson, Olivia Alexander, AJ Llamas, and Treat Williams




In this update of the 1958 classic, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN, cute yet pimply and mousy college freshman scientist Cassie helps develop a new serum that could revolutionize the beauty industry and will quickly turn a “Butterface” (or worse) into “OHHHH HELLS YEAH!!!” seemingly overnight.   With the funding she gets from this, the world could be her burrito – guys, money, fame, new science projects…everything a lab geek could possibly want, right?

Well, not exactly.  See, Cassie, more than anything else in the world, just wants love and acceptance but she’s a girl that’s lookin for love in all the wrong places – from pleasing her vain mother to joining the cheer squad to getting into the hottest sorority on campus – those are her college goals.  So what’s a cute yet pimply and mousy college freshman scientist to do?  Faster than you can say “THE NUTTY PROFESSOR”, she runs back to the lab and injects herself with the magical serum and the next morning BAM, superfox.  But that’s not all…of course with the super hotness also comes getting accepted everywhere she wanted that shunned her before, as well as greater strength, enhanced coordination, etc.  But then our gorgeous young Cassie begins to grow…and grow…and GROW…and before long a guy would need goggles and a snorkel just to…oh, wait…kids read this, don’t they?

Anyway, it isn’t long before a pesky arachnid and Cassie’s hot yet peskily bitchy nemesis, Brittany, also fall victim to the side effects of the body growth serum and on top of dealing with that there’s the pesky-nasty pharmaceutical company rep and his platoon of goons trying to harness Cassie and her size as well.  As Confucius would say, “Short man who dance with tall woman get bust in mouth.”  Let’s hope our gorgeous heroine is able to…stand tall, during all of this…


Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

Oh, Roger Corman, you’ve done it again!!!  For decades you’ve been entertaining me in the wildest ways by producing flicks on a budget for each movie that was more than likely lower than my annual property taxes and for that I’m not only thankful, but more than a little envious as well.  You’ve had way more hits with me than misses and that far exceeds most other writer/director/producers in any genre, especially horror, so thanks for the mammaries and here’s to many more to come…CHEERS!!!

Speaking of hits…I know that in two years’ time, I’ve written now a total of four glowing reviews for all four movies that Mike MacLean has written.  DINOCROC vs. SUPERGATOR, SHARKTOPUS, PIRANHACONDA, and now ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT CHEERLEADER.  That’s four for four, for those of you keeping track.  I don’t know this man personally and unfortunately he doesn’t pay me for these awesome reviews, I just like to reward excellence and repeatedly thank the man for writing flicks that I am constantly and consistently entertained by and can watch over and over and over again.  I say this again – keep your eyes on this dude, he is a force to be reckoned with.  His writing that I already love improves with every feature and you just can’t ask for much more than that.  This was also a departure for MacLean, as yes there are still giants in this movie, but except for two little scenes all the giants are in fact human.  I always enjoy little breakout moments like these, especially when the giant female cast is so easy on the eyes!  MacLean…KEEP WRITING MOVIES!!!!

The horror vet cameo list is long and distinguished this time around with appearances by the awesome Mary Woronov, Sean Young, Ted Raimi, and in one hilarious classroom scene (one of my favorite scenes) John Landis and The Man himself, Roger Corman.  Not to mention we get Treat Williams (who will forever be Finnegan to me, as well as my favorite Substitute) chewing up every scene he’s in with the glee of 37 William Shatners and seems to enjoy every second of his time on screen.  I know I sure as hell did – one great line after another.  But my favorite came when Cassie’s nerdy scientist colleague whipped out his phone and threatened to call the FDA on them.  But of course, Treat sez, “Why don’t you set your phone to ‘Shut The Fuck Up!’” before tazing the shit out of him.  Ohhhhhh, what I wouldn’t pay to have that line as my ringtone!!


This may come as a surprise once you see my name attached to this review, but it was actually NOT a SyFy Saturday premiere.  It was in fact a Saturday, but it premiered on the Epix Movie Channel instead and I for one am thrilled and grateful.  This flick would NOT have worked on SyFy very well.  Why?  BOOBS, GLORIOUS BOOOOBS!!!!  The giant topless Royal Rumble at the end alone would’ve had to have been heavily blocked or edited and we just cannot have that in this day and age.  No, sez I.  Yes, I AM still a 12 year old at heart, thank you very much.  But think about it – when a hot chick grows to ten times her normal height, the clothes don’t expand with her…thank goodness, if you catch my drift.

No word yet on a DVD release date, but we will keep you posted.  I cannot wait to add this flick to my collection.  Oh, which reminds me…I FLIPPIN LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!  Take the giant Jena Sims and stack the giant Olivia Alexander on top of her (Hmmm…) and multiply by 1000 and that MIGHT come close to explaining my love for it.  Cheesy, schlocky, hokey giant woman flick where toplessness happens at random; a giddy Treat Williams chomping up scenery like a starving Sharktopus, and trademark Mike MacLean one-liners, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT CHEERLEADER is my favorite Saturday night date so far this year!!!

– Craig





REVIEW: ParaNorman

August 20, 2012


Mr. Frights

It’s pretty hard to go into this movie and not know what it’s about. The trailers do a decent job of setting expectations, giving the audience a clue as to how much fun this movie is going to be without going so far as to ruin it. Like a skilled pusher, they give you a taste & then you’re on the hook for more, unable to resist wanting to see this. Even people outside the targeted audience are clamoring to check it out. The thing is, it’s WAY better than you think!

I went in a couple days late, I’d not seen a lot of discussion on the flick, but comments were favorable, not that it really mattered because like I said, it looked great! If you follow my blog then you saw me post about ParaNorman being worth seeing and tossing you it’s website. Hopefully you went to check it out because they have some fun things on there including a mobile game, info on the characters, info on the people who made the movie, it’s a good pre-show experience. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the site:

And don’t forget to hit up the production company’s website which looks pretty cool as well:

Without giving anything away… The story is about a kid who can see and talk with the deceased, but he’s used to it and it’s like they are just normal people. There’s this curse on the town and it’s his time to use his gift to help save everyone after his creepy uncle who has the same gift ends up passing on. Norman is joined by a typical group of “friends” to help him along, however, they turn out to be anything but the usual lot after all which does a lot for the movie. The film is full of scares and very intense moments, especially toward the end, but it’s also filled with a great message or two not just for the kids, but for everyone; and it hits on many levels without being preachy.

The first writing & directing credit for Chris Butler, it’s a very impressive mark on both kid films and horror cinema. Previously Chris worked on “Corpse Bride” and “Coraline”, according to IMDB, as a storyboard artist. So, who knows where he got his ability to put something so completely amazing together. The movie is Co-Directed with Sam Fell, who also doesn’t have a huge IMDB resume just yet, other than the hit “The Tale of Despereaux”. Another thing of note is the music which was really impressive. I don’t know too many films that had me paying any attention at all to the score they way this did and this just stirred something in me, especially how it added to the movie – so I have to mention it.

I didn’t recognize a ton of names in the cast, but they all did a great job. My only issue with the movie is that the mom’s face looked really weird to me for some reason. It kind of reminded me of someone who might have had dental work done recently and just had this deformation from swelling or something. Oh and John Goodman’s character has this beard that reminded me of one of those shag type carpets that are so popular these days. So nothing really big deal to dislike, and nothing took me out of the story.

Anyone who goes to check out this flick is going to have a lot of fun! I saw it in 3D and that was exceptionally done with the right depth and not just as a gimmick. Not to mention I got a sweet pair of special green ParaNorman 3D glasses!

ParaNorman | Official Theatrical Trailer – Rated PG [HD] – YouTube.

As for this being a movie for the whole family… I went and saw it with my 8 year old daughter. I saw someone post it would be scary for kids, and I can totally see what they are talking about, but she loved it! The movie is intense and it’s not your typical family fun flick. They did a great job with this movie, giving everyone something to enjoy, they pushed the intensity though and that’s the part that might get to a child if they scare easily. However, there’s no real gore or anything, the zombies are a bit scary but fun, and it is a cartoon so…

I highly suggest going to see this in theaters, the scope of the film and the intensity of it makes it one of those movies you don’t want to pass up while it’s out there. Especially the 3D aspect of it. If you want to see a family horror movie done the right way, this one is what will hold up as the standard both as a family horror flick and as a 3D movie. It’s a great opening to the Halloween season of films and while I’m looking forward to the other similar type of movies coming along here in the next month, this one sets the bar pretty high!

Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights






What’s Worth Seeing – Paranormal Activity 4

August 13, 2012


Mr. Frights

I have to admit, I’m not as familiar with the Paranormal Activity films as I should be, but this looks freaking scary! Something coming for a more mature audience, if you’re not into check out the upcoming animated family horror flicks, this might be what you’re looking for. I might have to do a marathon to catch up and then check this one out.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 – Official International Trailer – YouTube.

Check out their website and be sure to vote on the “Want It” campaign to get your city on the first to see it list. –

– Mr. Frights


What’s Worth Seeing – Paranorman

August 13, 2012

Mr. Frights

Probably more anticipated by fans than Hotel Transylvania, Paranorman is also on my radar. This looks great and fun, but in a different way. Another great family horror flick almost the likes of Monster House; though it does look more exciting. I’m looking forward to this!
ParaNorman Official Trailer #2 – Stop Motion Movie (2012) HD – YouTube.

Also, note the song in the trailer “Season of the Witch” by Donovan. This one is on Mr. Frights’ own Halloween playlist! Because it’s a great and spooky song.

Check out their website for some spooky fun –


– Mr. Frights


What’s Worth Seeing – Hotel Transyvania

August 13, 2012

Mr. Frights

This looks like some incredible fun! I can’t wait to see it. I’m really glad to see more family horror genre flicks coming to theaters this year. People might gripe that it’s another Adam Sandler flick, but I think it looks like a lot more than that and I’m willing to give it a go. You should too!

Hotel Transylvania – Official Trailer – YouTube.

You should check out the website for the movie too. There’s a lot of fun things out there including Twitter backgrounds, Facebook headers, games, and more! –

– Mr. Frights

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