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Building a scary staircase

September 3, 2012

Mr. Frights

I’ve been on the hunt for tips and tutorials on putting up creepy cloth. It’s all the rage. Available everywhere. I first saw it in a haunt covering the walls. I have no idea how they hung it, and it’s been so long that I barely remember what it looked like other than being ragged and looking cool as all get out.

The whole reason I’ve been looking for tips is that I want to put together a nice little staircase that looks like it belongs in a run down abandoned home of a serial killer’s ghost. Heh! Yeah. Anyway, with such a lack of “how to’s” or anyone who knew anything about it I just decided to go ahead and build my own thing from my own vision. So here’s my story on what I did if anyone else out there would like some input on how to build something creepy with creepy cloth.

It might sound pretty straight forward. I even approached people who might be able to help me with the same idea… ‘this seems straight forward’, but I know it’s not. You just take it out of the package and just throw it up on the wall?! Nothing is that easy when you want it to look really good; and neither was this from my point of view.

First I made up a plan of what I wanted in the hallway. I knew I wanted to line the walls with creepy cloth, I wanted to hang some lenticular pictures (the kind that change as you move past them), I wanted to hang some spiderwebs to supplement the holes in the creepy cloth a bit and also to add to some of the open space between the ceiling and the walls.

Starting off I hung like seven lengths of creepy cloth from the Dollar Tree. I just picked up three different colors, from gray to a black and then something in between. I thought the different colors would add to the ragged look. I made a point to put two of those seven lengths on the ceiling. I put two and a half lengths on either side of the walls.

Left side of the staircase going up

When I was hanging the stuff on the walls I made a point to layer / overlap some of the sections as well as let some of it hang loose and even in one part hung an end then twisted it around to give it a weird ill-hung look.

I used clear push pins and pushed them into the walls at a downward angle so that they would be less likely to pull out of the wall or to just fall out. Plus, they feel like they went in tighter that way.

Between the cloth and in spots where the cloth seemed too open, I hung the pictures. I had those from the Dollar Tree a couple years ago for a buck and they still have them this year. I also got lucky and found one bigger sized picture at Spirit this year that was on clearance and got that for .97 cents. I made a point to put some of the creepy cloth over a couple of the pictures to sort of integrate them better with the wall.

Right side of the staircase… or should I say SCAREcase, going up

I haven’t hung the spiderwebs yet, but at this point I still wanted something more. I have these clothes pin bat silhouettes and I haven’t been able to find a spot for them… until now. I took several of them and clipped them to the creepy cloth on the ceiling in different spots so it looked like bats were hanging from the ceiling. I also have some small (real sized) tarantulas and sort of wove those into the creepy cloth so it looked like they were sticking to the sides of the walls.

I went back through and pushed some of the strings together throughout the creepy cloth to create holes. Some of the holes didn’t look good enough so I took some scissors and cut the strings here and there to make some of those holes more visible. I also cut some of the bottom areas of the cloth so it had bits that dangle. Again, the point is to make this look run down and ragged.

The SCAREcase looking down

Now with the creepy cloth, the pictures, the creepy critters, the only thing I need to do next is to hang the spider webbing. But then I thought to myself I also want to put in some lighting. Halloween is nothing without good lighting, so I’m planning on picking up some of those purple Halloween string lights and working those into the creepy cloth along the hallway on at least one side. I might even put a strobe or a black light shooting up or down the hallway.

Oh, and I should add that I hope to put something up on the wall at the top of the steps. Perhaps this ghoul head with glowing eyes that we have. It’s battery operated and the eyes slowly glow on and off. Might be a cool effect to add to the lighting of the staircase with the Halloween lights and none of the regular lights on.

Also, I plan on hanging lengths of fishing line from the ceiling just to dangle. The idea is that when someone walks up the steps they run into them it’s like they are walking through spider webs. It also goes with the one spider I have hanging at the end of a piece of the fishing line from the ceiling right at the bottom of the steps.

We also have a big wire frilly spiderweb that is hung in a corner of the hallway upstairs. There is a spider that I hung from the web using the fishing line. So the whole thing fits together in some way.

So, while this might not be THE way to do this, from a haunt perspective anyway, this is the way I decided it would look best and to be honest I’m totally happy with it. While it still have some work left to be done, it’s looking pretty creepy. If this was a stairway to a basement, there’s no way in hell I’d go down those steps. I just hope people at the party are not afraid to travel these stairs, because that’s where the bathroom is!

Enjoy the Halloween my friends!

– Mr. Frights




Halloween Decoration: Glowing Eyes

September 12, 2011

New video from Mr. Frights… Glowing Eyes you can use for Halloween or just to mess with people. Instructions as well.

Found some eyeballs at the Dollar Tree and thought I’d make a cool little decoration out of them. I have to admit, I got the idea from another website, but their version involved ping pong balls and making them into eyeballs with stickers or markers. This way you don’t have to worry about that step. Or, you could do that and make your own awesome eyeballs of your design.

1. Get a pack of eyeballs from the Dollar Tree for a buck. Get a pack of battery operated tea light candles.

2. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS STEP… Kids GET AN ADULT TO HELP YOU! Adults should be careful too, if you slip, you could hurt yourself very badly. Get a drill if you have one with a really big drill bit, preferably one with a point at the tip and sharp. I also tried just making a hole in the eyeballs with a sharp instrument (i.e. a small knife with a sharp tip, a screw driver with a nice point on it, ice pick… You get the picture) and then using an old metal file to make the holes as big as I needed them to be. I suggest the drill though, or something that will get the job done quicker (even heat to melt the hole).

3. Put the eyeballs over the lights and turn the lights on. The lights are not hot enough to melt the eyes.

Some suggestions I’d have would be put them in a window, a dark room, put them in a mask or the head of another prop like a skeleton or something. If you make a ton of these I bet it would look awesome in a dark room or outside in plants or woods or trees or something like that. CREEPY! And FUN!


– Mr. Frights

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