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Review: NECA Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger Head Knocker

June 1, 2012

Freddy Krueger is a huge part of my childhood as his whole being came about and was explored during the 80’s, 90’s, and of course even in the 2000’s. I have a nice collection of Freddy stuff, but there’s always room for more. I have a substantial collection of Head Knockers from NECA but I’m missing a couple key characters and Freddy is one of them. When I saw they had Freddy in Head Knocker form I added it to my list of “have to haves”.

NECA Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger Head Knocker

While it’s a welcome addition to my collection, it’s not what I’d expect from NECA.

They have two Freddy Krueger head knockers as far as I know. The one looks absolutely cartoony (See here)  and just doesn’t fit my taste in collectibles. I’m not a fan of stylized stuff for the most part, I’m more of a ‘this has to look just like the character it represents’ kind of guy. This other one, the Freddy vs. Jason one, looks way more like Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger than the other, this is a good thing.

As are the other head knockers from NECA, this is made of a heavy sturdy resin. It’s not super fragile and showed up unbroken. Even the claws are intact and on many other Freddy figures that has been an issue because of how thin they have to be. The base on this thing is pretty cool too. It looks like wood flooring (like in the cabin at the end of the movie) and has broken ends on it that let you see into the flooring where you can see bones sticking out. Cool! The paint is really good too and the scultp on the whole is really nice.

However, there are some points that I’m disappointed in. The first thing is the fire. I know it’s from the movie where the cabin catches fire, but it’s unecessary and the bright color takes away from the rest of the piece rather than contrasting it in a good way that would have it add to the piece. The next thing is that the head hardly moves at all. The whole point of a head knocker is that the head bobbles and the spring on this thing is super tight. Where other head knockers move about when I walk around the room I have them in, this one doesn’t move without some serious shaking by hand. Even pushing on the head it just springs back into position without the wobble.

If you’d like to add this piece to your collection you can find it here. All in all it’s not a bad piece, but definitely not the best thing NECA has put out in their head knocker line. That’s why I’m only giving this bad boy a rating of two screams.

– Mr. Frights


REVIEW: N.E.C.A. Jack & Sally Extreme Head Knockers

May 18, 2012

I’m not a big collector of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, but I just bought the Funko Pop! Jack and Sally figures and I have a Jack Skellington dashboard driver talking figure. That along with seeing a different N.E.C.A. Jack Skellington Head Knocker that a friend bought made me look his up and I came across several versions including this duo. Because of the story behind these characters, I can’t really see buying Jack without Sally if they are both available.

The other versions looked amazing though and include Jack with his arms wrapped around a tombstone and one with him at a pedistal. They also varied in faces between his nice happy face and his scary face. Still, I looked at the price and for two Extreme Head Knockers and I couldn’t resist at just around $25 bucks. One of these Extreme Head Knockers goes for anywhere as low as $13 dollars and as much as $20 dollars, and that’s just when they are first released. If they are a hit, you can bet they will run upwards of $60 dollars or more. Needless to say, the nearly $25 bucks I paid for both of these was a quite a deal.

The cool thing about this is that it came as a double pack. Both Head Knockers came in the same box. I know they were shown together on the listing, even on they are shown as one item, but for some reason I expected they would be in separate boxes. This is important to mention since it saves space and trash and probably saves on shipping costs.

These, as with almost all the other Extreme Head Knockers from N.E.C.A., are incredibly detailed. The heads are really huge, bigger I think that their other EHKs, and it’s great. The big heads make them look kind of goofy, especially Jack, which to me makes them more fun to have around. I wouldn’t mind having one of the scary face Jack’s but these ones are definitely family friendly and shouldn’t scare little kids. In fact, if you have a kid who loves A Nightmare Before Christmas and you’d like to get them a gift, this would be perfect!

The head wiggle is nice on Jack, on Sally it’s a little less so and that’s mostly because of her long hair I’m guessing.

My one and only issue with these is that they feel light. The other N.E.C.A. EHKs are heavy and made of a solid resin. These don’t feel like the same resin and they are very light weight. I set them on a tray stand and moved it with my feet to see their heads move and the whole statues moved about. When they can move off of a little nudging of where they are sitting, it means they can potentially fall off or fall over, so you have to be conscious of where you sit them. I’m not saying they are all that breakable, because they don’t really feel like they could break since the material they are made of is so different, but then again I haven’t dropped them to find out.

If you’re into the whole A Nightmare Before Christmas thing or you just like Jack and/or Sally, this is a great addition to a collection! Mr. Frights gives this three and a half screams; and you can pick these up on here.

– Mr. Frights


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