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Review: NECA Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger Head Knocker

June 1, 2012

Freddy Krueger is a huge part of my childhood as his whole being came about and was explored during the 80’s, 90’s, and of course even in the 2000’s. I have a nice collection of Freddy stuff, but there’s always room for more. I have a substantial collection of Head Knockers from NECA but I’m missing a couple key characters and Freddy is one of them. When I saw they had Freddy in Head Knocker form I added it to my list of “have to haves”.

NECA Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger Head Knocker

While it’s a welcome addition to my collection, it’s not what I’d expect from NECA.

They have two Freddy Krueger head knockers as far as I know. The one looks absolutely cartoony (See here)  and just doesn’t fit my taste in collectibles. I’m not a fan of stylized stuff for the most part, I’m more of a ‘this has to look just like the character it represents’ kind of guy. This other one, the Freddy vs. Jason one, looks way more like Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger than the other, this is a good thing.

As are the other head knockers from NECA, this is made of a heavy sturdy resin. It’s not super fragile and showed up unbroken. Even the claws are intact and on many other Freddy figures that has been an issue because of how thin they have to be. The base on this thing is pretty cool too. It looks like wood flooring (like in the cabin at the end of the movie) and has broken ends on it that let you see into the flooring where you can see bones sticking out. Cool! The paint is really good too and the scultp on the whole is really nice.

However, there are some points that I’m disappointed in. The first thing is the fire. I know it’s from the movie where the cabin catches fire, but it’s unecessary and the bright color takes away from the rest of the piece rather than contrasting it in a good way that would have it add to the piece. The next thing is that the head hardly moves at all. The whole point of a head knocker is that the head bobbles and the spring on this thing is super tight. Where other head knockers move about when I walk around the room I have them in, this one doesn’t move without some serious shaking by hand. Even pushing on the head it just springs back into position without the wobble.

If you’d like to add this piece to your collection you can find it here. All in all it’s not a bad piece, but definitely not the best thing NECA has put out in their head knocker line. That’s why I’m only giving this bad boy a rating of two screams.

– Mr. Frights


Frights’ Daily Random Playlist: 1, 2 Freddy’s Coming For You

May 20, 2012

Today’s random playlist video off of Mr. Frights’ own playlist is the creepy kiddy rhyme from Nightmare on Elm Street. To see what else is hiding in my play list go to and check out the player on the right side of the page that looks like a purple iPod.


1, 2 Freddy’s Coming For You – YouTube.




Federico Chiesa | who killed bambi?

April 19, 2012

Some more horror art… this time photos. Just hit the link.




NECA Freddy Figure Update

September 4, 2011

OK, so all the pictures of the NECA Freddy Krueger figure from A Nightmare on Elm Street apparently were taken from the promo photos for the toy. This is important because the photos do not match what’s in the box! I happened to be at Toys R Us and ran across a fresh stocked shelf of these figures and to my surprise the face on the toy isn’t the same as the face I originally posted about here in my comparison of several Freddy Krueger figures. Maybe it’s the lighting in the photo or maybe it was a prototype used for the photos before the final sculpt was defined. Whatever it was, I have to update my previous statements about this figure.


It’s really a great toy. The hat in this case is flexible, not hard plastic like other Freddy figure hats. This means it fits better and will stay on better. It comes with two super long arms that easily pop off and on, but not so easy that they fall off. The joints are nice and movable but stay in place too. The hands have to be popped off and on to swap the arms, so be careful when doing this with the gloved hand as you could potentially break a blade. The figure gave me a little difficulty with standing up, but after messing with it for a bit I was able to get the feet into position for standing and they don’t look funny or anything.


The actual sculpt of the face does indeed look like Freddy from the first movie. As I said before, my benchmark for a good sculpt is if I can see the person behind the mask/makeup, and I definitely can see Robert Englund in this sculpt. As an added bonus they also include a variant head from the same scene that the figure is taken from. This is the head with the skin peeled back to reveal the skull and big eye balls.


I’m glad to add this figure to my collection and I would suggest anyone into collecting pick this one up for sure. It’s an odd piece because of the long arms and that makes it stand out on a shelf full of normal looking figures. I have to take back my original rating for this toy of two screams and give it a good four screams along with the Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 figure.



– Mr. Frights




Horror Toys: Funko Pop! and Wacky Wobblers

February 28, 2011

The “new kid” on my shelves are these Funko toys. I recently bought just about all the recent releases they have including their stylized caricatures and their Wacky Wobblers. The only things I didn’t bother with [yet] are the plush figures. I’m kind of on the fence about them. I mean, 1. they don’t stand up so what do I do with them to display them… set them in the corner of a chair or something? 2. They are very plain, not very detailed, PLUSH horror figures. Is this something I’m supposed to give to my kid to help them feel better about horror icons and get them to see they are not so scary? I just don’t get it.

Ok, so aside from the plus figures, these other things are pretty cool. The Funko Pop! figures are stylized in a pretty cool way. They are not all weird like the Cinema of Fear stylized figures, but rather they look like creepy cute sort of dolls. When I first saw them they reminded me of bobble heads, alas they are only vinyl big headed toys. They are sturdy and easily stand without any wobble or falling over which is a big plus with any toys these days. Even better is they don’t clash with the rest of the collection pieces of the same characters on my shelf.


The eyes are the most distinct feature on these toys as they are just round black dots. Outside of that they have their own simplistic detail of each character. Getting them online I was able to find them for a really nice price of about eight dollars, and shipping wasn’t that bad at all so I was happier doing it this way than purchasing them in a store.


Funko’s Wacky Wobbler figures are also very very cool. First off, they are based on the original movie characters and not the newer stuff from the last couple years. Big plus. They have these really cool bases to them that are made to look like wood and have their names on the front which kind of makes them like museum pieces in a way, honoring the characters. The detailing is really well done on these things to thee point they almost look like they will jump off my shelf and start some mayhem.


Again, the price for these was really good when I got them online. And again the shipping wasn’t bad so I didn’t feel as much of a pinch.


The only thing with the Wacky Wobblers that I’m bothered by is that they only have Freddy and Jason. I’m anxiously awaiting other characters, specifically Michael Myers and maybe Pinhead, Ghostface, and Chucky. Same thing with the Funko Pop! figures. They only come in Feddy, Jason, and Michael characters. While that’s good enough for me, it might be cool to see a Pinhead and a Chucky.

These I think will go on my best buy of the year list because they are really high on cool figure chart for my collection. If you don’t have these yet, I would totally recommend them.

Funko Pop! Figures:


Wacky Wobblers:



– Mr. Frights


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