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Homemade Horror Short Film Festival – Winner screens before Paranormal Activity 4

September 7, 2012

Mr. Frights

I’m asking ALL my wonderful filmmaker / Horror friends to help me to pass this along. I know there are a lot of filmmakers out there making great horror flicks and I know a bunch of them have connections to Ohio. We are looking for submissions and the deadline of Sept. 28th is coming up super fast! So I need your help to spread the word. WINNERS can get up to a $500 dollar prize and the top winner also gets their film screened before Paranormal Activity 4 on opening weekend!! That is AWESOME! I’m helping to judge this wonderful contest and I really hope to see a bunch of great films. So all of you guys with shows, people with blogs or websites, you Twitterers, you Facebookers… PLEASE post this, pass it along. And by all means, if you’re eligible, please submit your horror film!! Thanks a bunch to all of you!

And remember to enjoy the horror my frightful friends!!

– Mr. Frights




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