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Best Halloween Spider Decorations

September 14, 2012

Mr. Frights

Last year I walked into the office at my overnight job and saw this amazing decoration. It was a flat spider, as in paper thin, but it looked real. It looked 3D like a real spider. I wanted them badly, but we didn’t have any when I went to look for them. (I honestly work at Target store #666). I kept them in mind for this year and as soon as we put out our Halloween decorations for the season I ran back to work to shop and BAM! there they were.

Package of Target spider decoration

Spider package – Flocked 3D Wall Decals

It’s a good price if you ask me. I mean for the value of what the look like when you put them up and for how many you get in the pack, four bucks isn’t a lot.

What you do is, pull one out of the pack and then you’ll have to make some bends at the “joints” of the legs. Try to make the bends look natural, like how they would look if the spider were crawling along whatever surface you’re putting them on. I even made one look like it’s legs in the front were standing up in a threatening manor.

Spider on my wall

Spider on my wall

Like I said, these things are actually flat as a piece of paper. A little bend in the legs and suddenly they take on a realistic appearance. The further away you are the more real they look. It’s scary!

You can make the bends as dramatic as you like, but they are super thin and they only bend in the shape they are in. So, they are rigid in other words. You can’t make the legs point differently or anything like that, but you can get creative with how you place them and what you place them on.

They are self adhesive, using a small sticky strip under their belly. I was able to carefully remove and replace them to make sure I got them to look the way I wanted. The legs can be adjusted in their bends once they are stuck on.

Spiders on my wall

In my opinion these are the BEST spider decorations ever! They are big, they are easy to use, they look real! Again, sold at Target stores in their Halloween section. I stocked up on them so I’d have more for next year or even if I ran out or needed to replace one. But they go quick and there were not many in stock at my store. If you want these, you’d better hurry!

– Mr. Frights

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Little Fright’s is Having a Party

August 27, 2012

Mr. Frights

So if you’ve been following along, I’ve been doing a lot of bookmarking on Pinterest, I’ve also been posting my experiences with attempting some of the crafts and DIY stuff on there. If you haven’t been following along, go get a FREE Pinterest account and then follow me! –

Little Frights’ birthday is in December (right near Christmas), but this year she wanted a Halloween birthday. Now, I would LOVE to have Halloween during Christmas, but it would be really difficult to make that happen between work schedules and just a bunch of other logistics. We all decided since we live at Castle Frights and Halloween is when we look our best, that we should hold her b-day party at home and during the best time of year!

This kick started a bunch of other crafting projects all at once. Lucky for me I’m following some great folks on Pinterest myself because I came across an amazing blog filled with lovely creepy things. –

So far I’ve put some amazing award statues together (because I happened to have the same skeletons she did):

$1 Skeletons turned into awards

And made some awesome Hogwarts style floating candles:

Harry Potter style “Floating” candles

These candles look absolutely brilliant in the dark when they are turned on!

All these things are both simple and look great for a very low cost and a little work which meets all my criteria for crafting. While the blogger does have some very involved “how to’s” on there, they are also brilliant looking and I wouldn’t mind trying them out if I had the room and the tools to do them.

I’ve found TONS of great tutorials and little crafts on Pinterest that will make this Halloween one of the best ever for our creepy family. The pins link out to the websites most times and make it very easy to gather a good bunch of idea for making your Halloween a bit more spooky! I hope you guys decide to sign up and join the fun. No, I don’t get anything for it, this is just to encourage you guys to find all the best Halloween tips and stuff in one place. I’ll even be doing some of the terrific treats that I’ve found including Candy Corn vodka!

If you’re looking for the tutorials on how these things work, be sure to hit up that blog I mentioned above, and for more great stuff follow MR. FRIGHTS on Pinterest!!

Enjoy the Halloween my friends!

– Mr. Frights


Halloween Shopping…

August 2, 2012

Mr. Frights

Something I’m doing new this year… taking a list from the things I’d like to see in my home that I’ve seen on Pinterest and making a Halloween shopping list. I also am thinking it would be better to go do a photo session (that is go and take pictures) at stores of the things I’d like to buy maybe and then go home and think about it. This way I won’t just impulse buy as much and I’ll have pictures (with prices) that I can maybe find these things somewhere else for a better price.





Halloween Decoration: Glowing Eyes

September 12, 2011

New video from Mr. Frights… Glowing Eyes you can use for Halloween or just to mess with people. Instructions as well.

Found some eyeballs at the Dollar Tree and thought I’d make a cool little decoration out of them. I have to admit, I got the idea from another website, but their version involved ping pong balls and making them into eyeballs with stickers or markers. This way you don’t have to worry about that step. Or, you could do that and make your own awesome eyeballs of your design.

1. Get a pack of eyeballs from the Dollar Tree for a buck. Get a pack of battery operated tea light candles.

2. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS STEP… Kids GET AN ADULT TO HELP YOU! Adults should be careful too, if you slip, you could hurt yourself very badly. Get a drill if you have one with a really big drill bit, preferably one with a point at the tip and sharp. I also tried just making a hole in the eyeballs with a sharp instrument (i.e. a small knife with a sharp tip, a screw driver with a nice point on it, ice pick… You get the picture) and then using an old metal file to make the holes as big as I needed them to be. I suggest the drill though, or something that will get the job done quicker (even heat to melt the hole).

3. Put the eyeballs over the lights and turn the lights on. The lights are not hot enough to melt the eyes.

Some suggestions I’d have would be put them in a window, a dark room, put them in a mask or the head of another prop like a skeleton or something. If you make a ton of these I bet it would look awesome in a dark room or outside in plants or woods or trees or something like that. CREEPY! And FUN!


– Mr. Frights

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