Best Halloween Spider Decorations

September 14, 2012

Mr. Frights

Last year I walked into the office at my overnight job and saw this amazing decoration. It was a flat spider, as in paper thin, but it looked real. It looked 3D like a real spider. I wanted them badly, but we didn’t have any when I went to look for them. (I honestly work at Target store #666). I kept them in mind for this year and as soon as we put out our Halloween decorations for the season I ran back to work to shop and BAM! there they were.

Package of Target spider decoration

Spider package – Flocked 3D Wall Decals

It’s a good price if you ask me. I mean for the value of what the look like when you put them up and for how many you get in the pack, four bucks isn’t a lot.

What you do is, pull one out of the pack and then you’ll have to make some bends at the “joints” of the legs. Try to make the bends look natural, like how they would look if the spider were crawling along whatever surface you’re putting them on. I even made one look like it’s legs in the front were standing up in a threatening manor.

Spider on my wall

Spider on my wall

Like I said, these things are actually flat as a piece of paper. A little bend in the legs and suddenly they take on a realistic appearance. The further away you are the more real they look. It’s scary!

You can make the bends as dramatic as you like, but they are super thin and they only bend in the shape they are in. So, they are rigid in other words. You can’t make the legs point differently or anything like that, but you can get creative with how you place them and what you place them on.

They are self adhesive, using a small sticky strip under their belly. I was able to carefully remove and replace them to make sure I got them to look the way I wanted. The legs can be adjusted in their bends once they are stuck on.

Spiders on my wall

In my opinion these are the BEST spider decorations ever! They are big, they are easy to use, they look real! Again, sold at Target stores in their Halloween section. I stocked up on them so I’d have more for next year or even if I ran out or needed to replace one. But they go quick and there were not many in stock at my store. If you want these, you’d better hurry!

– Mr. Frights

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What is Pinterest?

September 14, 2012

Mr. Frights

I have been using Pinterest for months now. I keep telling people about it and I keep seeing other people telling their friends about it, but I keep seeing these friends say things like “I don’t get it” or “I’m confused” and so on. I thought that since it’s been so helpful to me, that I would do a write up on the site, what it is, and why you should check it out at least. I’m going to try to stay in the confines of my own area of specialization, but it’s great for a lot of things, having something for everyone.



Pinterest, simply put, is social online bookmarking. It’s a website where you can bookmark things around the web for yourself like you would in your own browser, and share them with others. So, say you go to Martha Stewart Online and you find something there that you want to make or something you want to come back to like a recipe. Normally you would go to your “Bookmarks” button in your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and you’d add a bookmark. Well, it’s the same thing! But on a website where others can check out your bookmarks or “pins”.



They call your bookmarks “pins” because it’s like a big cork board that you push pin things. You can re-pin things from people you follow. Pinterest also provides a toolbar button that you can click and drag from their page and place the button on your bookmark tool bar. This button lets you pin things from websites.

For example: If you go to the Martha Stewart Halloween page and you find a craft you like that you want to pin, then you just go to that page, click on the “PIN IT” button in your bookmark toolbar and suddenly a bunch of photos from the website pop up. You move your cursor over the image you want to pin and click the “PIN IT” button that comes up.

You can add a description with it (which I recommend) and then you can choose which board you want to pin it to of your own. I for one have a bunch of Martha’s Halloween tips in my Halloween Tips board.

You organize your pins in what they call “BOARDS”. You can make different boards for different themes. For example, I made a bunch of Halloween boards, but I wanted to separate them by Tips, Treats, and so on. So if you go to my page on Pinterest you find a bunch of different boards, and if you click on one of those boards it takes you to my pins. On these boards the pins are photos from the website you bookmarked. When you pin something, you usually use the photo that interests you most.



When you click on a pin, one of the photos you see in the boards, it should take you to the website that the photo belongs to. This is the bookmarking part. Sometimes this won’t work because it’s just a picture that was pinned (so you end up just going to that picture) and not a website. Also, sometimes you end up at the wrong place because someone pinned the front page of a blog instead of the actual blog post they were trying to pin. And of course, as with anything, since you have the ability to edit your pins, some people have changed a picture’s link to point to an inappropriate website or something that doesn’t match what the picture is.

You use PINTEREST to keep track of things you like. I’ve seen people have board for their favorite sports teams, Health & Beauty tips, cooking, decorating, music, videos, anything you are interested in. You can use Pinterest to plan events by making boards dedicated to a theme (i.e. Vampire Party). You can use Pinterest to get the word out about your blog. I post a new blog, I make sure I put photos into the post, then I PIN IT and use one of the photos to catch peoples interest (get it yet? Pin + Interest = Pinterest). This type of thing brings people to my blog. I can also use it to help promote other people by pinning their blogs or websites.

You can also “LIKE” a pin. Pinterest keeps track of your “Likes” and so you can go to your likes and look back on what you liked. This is good for people who don’t want to add a pin for something but want to still keep that pin on hand. For example… I might “LIKE” a cleaning tip, but because my pins are all about Halloween or Horror I don’t want to add something to the mix that is not part of that theme. I instead can “like” the pin and then go back to my likes to find it later.



Pinterest also has some other cool features, so be sure if you sign up, go to ABOUT then go to the PIN IT button link and you’ll be taken to the GOODIES section. On the left side of the page you’ll see a bunch of things about Pinterest. One of those things will tell you a lot of what I just told you. They include tutorials and other things. On the Goodies page you’ll find ways to get other people to follow your boards, mobile apps, and other things to help make your Pinterest experience better for you.

One of the great things about Pinterest is that you can FOLLOW ALL to follow someone’s boards. BUT you can also UNFOLLOW specific boards. So if someone I follow is pinning a bunch of things I’m not interested in (i.e. a bunch of Sports team pictures) I can just go to that board and click the “unfollow” button. Alternatively, if you come across someone and look at their boards first, you can follow singular boards that interest you instead of clicking the “follow all” button.



As with all things the site has some down sides to it. Like I said above, sometimes the pictures were pinned wrong. If you run into this, there IS a solution!! Open up a new window and go to Google, then go to their Image Search. Make sure you can see both windows so you can grab the picture you’re looking at and drag it to the Google search. Google will bring up websites where that image is located. You can usually find the original blog or website and then fix the link on the pin by clicking “Edit”.

The other thing I mentioned is that some pins might take you to an erroneous link, sometimes an inappropriate one. The best way to avoid this is just to check your pins before you re-pin someone elses’ stuff. If you run into this, just do the Google Image search thing, edit the pin so that it points to something else. Hopefully the real website where you want to go.

Another sticking point is that PINTEREST doesn’t have a privacy setting for making your pins or boards private to only you or only certain people. This shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re concerned about that kind of thing for some reason, then keep it in mind when you’re pinning things. Someday this functionality might be available, so don’t let it stop you from enjoying Pinterest in the meantime.

I hope this helps you discover Pinterest and how it can help you with your personal interests as well as your social interests or even professional interests. If you have questions, I’m happy to help. You can also find a lot of help on the website itself just by checking out their ABOUT section. Now that they’ve opened it up to everyone, you don’t need an invitation anymore. So why not sign up and go try it out?! And be sure to follow me and my boards when you get there!!


– Happy Horrible Pinning

Mr. Frights




Frightful Friday

September 14, 2012

Mr. Frights

It’s another Frightful Friday, where I share with you my latest followers and their websites. Follow these fine folks on Twitter and while you’re at it check out their cool websites and what they have to offer.












Homemade Horror Short Film Festival – Winner screens before Paranormal Activity 4

September 7, 2012

Mr. Frights

I’m asking ALL my wonderful filmmaker / Horror friends to help me to pass this along. I know there are a lot of filmmakers out there making great horror flicks and I know a bunch of them have connections to Ohio. We are looking for submissions and the deadline of Sept. 28th is coming up super fast! So I need your help to spread the word. WINNERS can get up to a $500 dollar prize and the top winner also gets their film screened before Paranormal Activity 4 on opening weekend!! That is AWESOME! I’m helping to judge this wonderful contest and I really hope to see a bunch of great films. So all of you guys with shows, people with blogs or websites, you Twitterers, you Facebookers… PLEASE post this, pass it along. And by all means, if you’re eligible, please submit your horror film!! Thanks a bunch to all of you!


And remember to enjoy the horror my frightful friends!!

– Mr. Frights





Vampire Jack-O-Lanterns

September 3, 2012

Mr. Frights

I saw these on Martha Stewart’s website, and I love her Halloween stuff. I’m not sure if that’s where it originated because I did come across the tutorial on some other obscure website by accident. Anyway, I wanted to try this out. My biggest challenge was finding pumpkins to fit. I didn’t want to use actual pumpkins because I like to reuse stuff and I really don’t want to re-do my work next year. I ended up finding foam pumpkins at the Dollar Tree, they are just slightly bigger than I’d planned on, but they work.

I also had a little challenge finding the push pins. I guess it calls for map pins, but I ran across these bigger push pins and thought they would work better. This was before I bought the larger pumpkins, so it all worked out.

The vampire teeth were pretty simple. I picked those up in individual packs for way less than a buck at a local Halloween / Costume shop called The Costume Vault.

Vampire Pumpkin display

Ok, so I took the foam pumpkins and cut out a mouth I thought would fit the teeth. I didn’t bother with the template they talk about on the Martha Stewart site and I did just fine. Once I fit the teeth in the mouths I put in the pins approximate to where I thought they would look “natural”. I didn’t think they were all that great without bat wings, so I did use the Martha template and fashioned three pair and used a glue stick (not hot glue) to attach them.

To set them up I used Spanish moss, which I found at Michael’s for like 6 bucks. It went way down in price over the past month! I also had a large candle plate I used as my center/anchor for the display and a couple vases of different heights. I had to make sure the pumpkins on the vases stayed up so I cut a couple small pieces (about the size of the bottom of the pumpkins) of cardboard and then used those on top of the vases as sort of plates that hold the pumpkins up. You can hide the cardboard using the moss.

I still wasn’t done then because it sounded like a good idea to supplement this display with some little spiders. I added some around the moss and on the pumpkins themselves. Now it’s done!

The best part is I can just use these next year and they will be easy to repair. If I want to (which I probably will) I can buy a few more to store away for next year.

Happy Haunting!

– Mr. Frights






Building a scary staircase

September 3, 2012

Mr. Frights

I’ve been on the hunt for tips and tutorials on putting up creepy cloth. It’s all the rage. Available everywhere. I first saw it in a haunt covering the walls. I have no idea how they hung it, and it’s been so long that I barely remember what it looked like other than being ragged and looking cool as all get out.

The whole reason I’ve been looking for tips is that I want to put together a nice little staircase that looks like it belongs in a run down abandoned home of a serial killer’s ghost. Heh! Yeah. Anyway, with such a lack of “how to’s” or anyone who knew anything about it I just decided to go ahead and build my own thing from my own vision. So here’s my story on what I did if anyone else out there would like some input on how to build something creepy with creepy cloth.

It might sound pretty straight forward. I even approached people who might be able to help me with the same idea… ‘this seems straight forward’, but I know it’s not. You just take it out of the package and just throw it up on the wall?! Nothing is that easy when you want it to look really good; and neither was this from my point of view.

First I made up a plan of what I wanted in the hallway. I knew I wanted to line the walls with creepy cloth, I wanted to hang some lenticular pictures (the kind that change as you move past them), I wanted to hang some spiderwebs to supplement the holes in the creepy cloth a bit and also to add to some of the open space between the ceiling and the walls.

Starting off I hung like seven lengths of creepy cloth from the Dollar Tree. I just picked up three different colors, from gray to a black and then something in between. I thought the different colors would add to the ragged look. I made a point to put two of those seven lengths on the ceiling. I put two and a half lengths on either side of the walls.

Left side of the staircase going up

When I was hanging the stuff on the walls I made a point to layer / overlap some of the sections as well as let some of it hang loose and even in one part hung an end then twisted it around to give it a weird ill-hung look.

I used clear push pins and pushed them into the walls at a downward angle so that they would be less likely to pull out of the wall or to just fall out. Plus, they feel like they went in tighter that way.

Between the cloth and in spots where the cloth seemed too open, I hung the pictures. I had those from the Dollar Tree a couple years ago for a buck and they still have them this year. I also got lucky and found one bigger sized picture at Spirit this year that was on clearance and got that for .97 cents. I made a point to put some of the creepy cloth over a couple of the pictures to sort of integrate them better with the wall.

Right side of the staircase… or should I say SCAREcase, going up

I haven’t hung the spiderwebs yet, but at this point I still wanted something more. I have these clothes pin bat silhouettes and I haven’t been able to find a spot for them… until now. I took several of them and clipped them to the creepy cloth on the ceiling in different spots so it looked like bats were hanging from the ceiling. I also have some small (real sized) tarantulas and sort of wove those into the creepy cloth so it looked like they were sticking to the sides of the walls.

I went back through and pushed some of the strings together throughout the creepy cloth to create holes. Some of the holes didn’t look good enough so I took some scissors and cut the strings here and there to make some of those holes more visible. I also cut some of the bottom areas of the cloth so it had bits that dangle. Again, the point is to make this look run down and ragged.

The SCAREcase looking down

Now with the creepy cloth, the pictures, the creepy critters, the only thing I need to do next is to hang the spider webbing. But then I thought to myself I also want to put in some lighting. Halloween is nothing without good lighting, so I’m planning on picking up some of those purple Halloween string lights and working those into the creepy cloth along the hallway on at least one side. I might even put a strobe or a black light shooting up or down the hallway.

Oh, and I should add that I hope to put something up on the wall at the top of the steps. Perhaps this ghoul head with glowing eyes that we have. It’s battery operated and the eyes slowly glow on and off. Might be a cool effect to add to the lighting of the staircase with the Halloween lights and none of the regular lights on.

Also, I plan on hanging lengths of fishing line from the ceiling just to dangle. The idea is that when someone walks up the steps they run into them it’s like they are walking through spider webs. It also goes with the one spider I have hanging at the end of a piece of the fishing line from the ceiling right at the bottom of the steps.

We also have a big wire frilly spiderweb that is hung in a corner of the hallway upstairs. There is a spider that I hung from the web using the fishing line. So the whole thing fits together in some way.

So, while this might not be THE way to do this, from a haunt perspective anyway, this is the way I decided it would look best and to be honest I’m totally happy with it. While it still have some work left to be done, it’s looking pretty creepy. If this was a stairway to a basement, there’s no way in hell I’d go down those steps. I just hope people at the party are not afraid to travel these stairs, because that’s where the bathroom is!

Enjoy the Halloween my friends!

– Mr. Frights





REVIEW: Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

August 30, 2012

Craig McGee

Written by:  Mike MacLean

Directed by:  Kevin O’Neill

Starring:  Jena Sims, Ryan Merriman, Sasha Jackson, Olivia Alexander, AJ Llamas, and Treat Williams




In this update of the 1958 classic, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN, cute yet pimply and mousy college freshman scientist Cassie helps develop a new serum that could revolutionize the beauty industry and will quickly turn a “Butterface” (or worse) into “OHHHH HELLS YEAH!!!” seemingly overnight.   With the funding she gets from this, the world could be her burrito – guys, money, fame, new science projects…everything a lab geek could possibly want, right?

Well, not exactly.  See, Cassie, more than anything else in the world, just wants love and acceptance but she’s a girl that’s lookin for love in all the wrong places – from pleasing her vain mother to joining the cheer squad to getting into the hottest sorority on campus – those are her college goals.  So what’s a cute yet pimply and mousy college freshman scientist to do?  Faster than you can say “THE NUTTY PROFESSOR”, she runs back to the lab and injects herself with the magical serum and the next morning BAM, superfox.  But that’s not all…of course with the super hotness also comes getting accepted everywhere she wanted that shunned her before, as well as greater strength, enhanced coordination, etc.  But then our gorgeous young Cassie begins to grow…and grow…and GROW…and before long a guy would need goggles and a snorkel just to…oh, wait…kids read this, don’t they?

Anyway, it isn’t long before a pesky arachnid and Cassie’s hot yet peskily bitchy nemesis, Brittany, also fall victim to the side effects of the body growth serum and on top of dealing with that there’s the pesky-nasty pharmaceutical company rep and his platoon of goons trying to harness Cassie and her size as well.  As Confucius would say, “Short man who dance with tall woman get bust in mouth.”  Let’s hope our gorgeous heroine is able to…stand tall, during all of this…


Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

Oh, Roger Corman, you’ve done it again!!!  For decades you’ve been entertaining me in the wildest ways by producing flicks on a budget for each movie that was more than likely lower than my annual property taxes and for that I’m not only thankful, but more than a little envious as well.  You’ve had way more hits with me than misses and that far exceeds most other writer/director/producers in any genre, especially horror, so thanks for the mammaries and here’s to many more to come…CHEERS!!!

Speaking of hits…I know that in two years’ time, I’ve written now a total of four glowing reviews for all four movies that Mike MacLean has written.  DINOCROC vs. SUPERGATOR, SHARKTOPUS, PIRANHACONDA, and now ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT CHEERLEADER.  That’s four for four, for those of you keeping track.  I don’t know this man personally and unfortunately he doesn’t pay me for these awesome reviews, I just like to reward excellence and repeatedly thank the man for writing flicks that I am constantly and consistently entertained by and can watch over and over and over again.  I say this again – keep your eyes on this dude, he is a force to be reckoned with.  His writing that I already love improves with every feature and you just can’t ask for much more than that.  This was also a departure for MacLean, as yes there are still giants in this movie, but except for two little scenes all the giants are in fact human.  I always enjoy little breakout moments like these, especially when the giant female cast is so easy on the eyes!  MacLean…KEEP WRITING MOVIES!!!!

The horror vet cameo list is long and distinguished this time around with appearances by the awesome Mary Woronov, Sean Young, Ted Raimi, and in one hilarious classroom scene (one of my favorite scenes) John Landis and The Man himself, Roger Corman.  Not to mention we get Treat Williams (who will forever be Finnegan to me, as well as my favorite Substitute) chewing up every scene he’s in with the glee of 37 William Shatners and seems to enjoy every second of his time on screen.  I know I sure as hell did – one great line after another.  But my favorite came when Cassie’s nerdy scientist colleague whipped out his phone and threatened to call the FDA on them.  But of course, Treat sez, “Why don’t you set your phone to ‘Shut The Fuck Up!’” before tazing the shit out of him.  Ohhhhhh, what I wouldn’t pay to have that line as my ringtone!!


This may come as a surprise once you see my name attached to this review, but it was actually NOT a SyFy Saturday premiere.  It was in fact a Saturday, but it premiered on the Epix Movie Channel instead and I for one am thrilled and grateful.  This flick would NOT have worked on SyFy very well.  Why?  BOOBS, GLORIOUS BOOOOBS!!!!  The giant topless Royal Rumble at the end alone would’ve had to have been heavily blocked or edited and we just cannot have that in this day and age.  No, sez I.  Yes, I AM still a 12 year old at heart, thank you very much.  But think about it – when a hot chick grows to ten times her normal height, the clothes don’t expand with her…thank goodness, if you catch my drift.

No word yet on a DVD release date, but we will keep you posted.  I cannot wait to add this flick to my collection.  Oh, which reminds me…I FLIPPIN LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!  Take the giant Jena Sims and stack the giant Olivia Alexander on top of her (Hmmm…) and multiply by 1000 and that MIGHT come close to explaining my love for it.  Cheesy, schlocky, hokey giant woman flick where toplessness happens at random; a giddy Treat Williams chomping up scenery like a starving Sharktopus, and trademark Mike MacLean one-liners, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT CHEERLEADER is my favorite Saturday night date so far this year!!!

– Craig




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