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The Art of: Aly Fell

June 11, 2012

Here below is some of the great artwork from Aly Fell, you can see more or keep up on things from Aly here:







The Art of: Scott Watson

June 8, 2012

This stuff is incredible! I wouldn’t mind owning a few of these pieces. If you’d like to see more (and this guy has MUCH more to look at) then you should totally go HERE to see his stuff on DeviantArt.




The Art of: Matt Dixon

June 5, 2012
You can check out Matt's art at the following site: 

Connect with Matt on Facebook:

If you want to get to know more about Matt, here's his bio:

The Art of: Ben Von Strawn

June 2, 2012

BIO Ben Von Strawn was a perfectly normal child, UNTIL he was exposed to E.C. COMICS,RAT FINK,Warner Brothers Cartoons and MAD Magazine. After that, he quickly transformed into a frothing at the mouth Juvenile Delinquent MANIAC.

He somehow managed to create PRIMITIVE drawings and writings along with developing a MORBID CURIOSITY of-History, Art, Science, Writing, Travel, Philosophy, Food, Film, Languages and Music.

Then one FATEFUL day he was PAID for this GHASTLY work! Which only served to ENCOURAGE him into the DOWNWARD SPIRAL of starting his own MONSTER BUSINESS! His GRISLY work has been featured AROUND THE WORLD in print,and various merchandise.

He is also a WRITER, FILMMAKER, ENTREPRENEUR and grave robber from outer space who is about to set into motion a certain “Plan-9” but that’s besides the point.



You can connect with Ben and check out more of his work at these sites:


Facebook Page-

Etsy Shop-





The Art Of: Tony Smith

May 7, 2012

One of the guys who’s in our Horror Collectibles group on Facebook is also a pretty talented artist. Here’s some of his pieces and you can find him on Deviant Art (


Mr. Frights’ Favorite Horror De-Motivationals

May 1, 2012

Everyone loves those wonderful knock off de-motivational pictures. I see the horror ones and just die because of how funny they are. I thought I’d share some of my favorites.


The Art Of: Marcus Jones

April 30, 2012

Here’s our second artist profile. Let’s give it up for Marcus Jones, owner of Screaming Demons out of the U.K.. You can find Marcus and his work at the following places around the web: | | Facebook

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