Mr. Frights’ Websites are Merging!!

June 27, 2013

It’s a long story that starts with an attempt to take the internet by storm through extending myself throughout social media, blogs, websites, forums, and so on – and ends with the crash of my laptop. Once rebuilt the key components to my website had been erased with no backup I could recapture.

I didn’t want just a plain blog as I do pay good money for my website to begin with, but after several years running on this template I just wasn’t in the mood to rebuild into another antiquated design, regardless of how attractive it was to me. Having a blog on a separate space online and having to get a new website together just didn’t make sense. So I took the advise of one of my pals and decided to use one of the cooler features of my web service.

Now with WordPress installed in my website, I’m rebuilding things. Slowly. But I’m also adding new things. So if you’re interested in following Mr. Frights and his friends’ adventures, then you’ll want to skip this pile and cruise on over to this web address:


From now on any updates that occur for Mr. Frights will take place there. This old blog will probably stay here, unattended, so no need to keep visiting. I’d love to welcome you all to the new Mr. Frights’ Scary Stuff website all rolled into one big pile of fun!

And don’t forget, while I do inhabit Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. I’m mostly on Facebook, so please feel free to JOIN US there.


Thanks a billion for your support and I hope you’ll look forward to new things coming from Mr. Frights and the get Frights crew!

– Mr. Frights


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