Best Halloween Spider Decorations

September 14, 2012

Mr. Frights

Last year I walked into the office at my overnight job and saw this amazing decoration. It was a flat spider, as in paper thin, but it looked real. It looked 3D like a real spider. I wanted them badly, but we didn’t have any when I went to look for them. (I honestly work at Target store #666). I kept them in mind for this year and as soon as we put out our Halloween decorations for the season I ran back to work to shop and BAM! there they were.

Package of Target spider decoration

Spider package – Flocked 3D Wall Decals

It’s a good price if you ask me. I mean for the value of what the look like when you put them up and for how many you get in the pack, four bucks isn’t a lot.

What you do is, pull one out of the pack and then you’ll have to make some bends at the “joints” of the legs. Try to make the bends look natural, like how they would look if the spider were crawling along whatever surface you’re putting them on. I even made one look like it’s legs in the front were standing up in a threatening manor.

Spider on my wall

Spider on my wall

Like I said, these things are actually flat as a piece of paper. A little bend in the legs and suddenly they take on a realistic appearance. The further away you are the more real they look. It’s scary!

You can make the bends as dramatic as you like, but they are super thin and they only bend in the shape they are in. So, they are rigid in other words. You can’t make the legs point differently or anything like that, but you can get creative with how you place them and what you place them on.

They are self adhesive, using a small sticky strip under their belly. I was able to carefully remove and replace them to make sure I got them to look the way I wanted. The legs can be adjusted in their bends once they are stuck on.

Spiders on my wall

In my opinion these are the BEST spider decorations ever! They are big, they are easy to use, they look real! Again, sold at Target stores in their Halloween section. I stocked up on them so I’d have more for next year or even if I ran out or needed to replace one. But they go quick and there were not many in stock at my store. If you want these, you’d better hurry!

– Mr. Frights

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  1. I just picked some 3D spider stickers like you described today at the Dollar Tree. My family couldn’t believe I got them only for a buck. They come in sheets of three(and no I am not affiliated with Dollar Tree, LOL).

    • I’m a HUGE fan of Dollar Tree. The ones in my area don’t have the 3D spiders. I wish they did. The packs at Target are $4 for five of the spiders. I’ve not seen the ones from Dollar Tree, but how big are they? And you said they come in sheets. Like they are all connected and you have to punch them out or something? Just curious. The ones in the pics I took at about the size of my hand. They come as individual pieces. The one downfall I’ve found since writing this is that the sticky on the bellies looks like it won’t hold as well as I thought in some cases. One of my spiders fell off the wall the other day. 😦 I’ll have to tape it up I guess. No biggie.

      • They are separate pieces. I’d take a pic and send it to you, but can’t think how. Does your blog have an email address to send them? They are pretty big about the size of my hand too. The Dollar Tree in Batavia has like 3 aisles of Halloween. I save so much money there.

      • Our Dollar Tree has a few aisles as well. The whole front end of the store. We have another larger one about 5 miles away and they too don’t have the spiders. I noticed they don’t have some of the stuff they’ve carried in previous years, and some have things the other stores don’t. – People can email me any time at mrfrights[at]gmail.com — I’d love to see pics!! Might have to see if there’s another Dollar Tree around me somewhere and see if I can find them.

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