Vampire Jack-O-Lanterns

September 3, 2012

Mr. Frights

I saw these on Martha Stewart’s website, and I love her Halloween stuff. I’m not sure if that’s where it originated because I did come across the tutorial on some other obscure website by accident. Anyway, I wanted to try this out. My biggest challenge was finding pumpkins to fit. I didn’t want to use actual pumpkins because I like to reuse stuff and I really don’t want to re-do my work next year. I ended up finding foam pumpkins at the Dollar Tree, they are just slightly bigger than I’d planned on, but they work.

I also had a little challenge finding the push pins. I guess it calls for map pins, but I ran across these bigger push pins and thought they would work better. This was before I bought the larger pumpkins, so it all worked out.

The vampire teeth were pretty simple. I picked those up in individual packs for way less than a buck at a local Halloween / Costume shop called The Costume Vault.

Vampire Pumpkin display

Ok, so I took the foam pumpkins and cut out a mouth I thought would fit the teeth. I didn’t bother with the template they talk about on the Martha Stewart site and I did just fine. Once I fit the teeth in the mouths I put in the pins approximate to where I thought they would look “natural”. I didn’t think they were all that great without bat wings, so I did use the Martha template and fashioned three pair and used a glue stick (not hot glue) to attach them.

To set them up I used Spanish moss, which I found at Michael’s for like 6 bucks. It went way down in price over the past month! I also had a large candle plate I used as my center/anchor for the display and a couple vases of different heights. I had to make sure the pumpkins on the vases stayed up so I cut a couple small pieces (about the size of the bottom of the pumpkins) of cardboard and then used those on top of the vases as sort of plates that hold the pumpkins up. You can hide the cardboard using the moss.

I still wasn’t done then because it sounded like a good idea to supplement this display with some little spiders. I added some around the moss and on the pumpkins themselves. Now it’s done!

The best part is I can just use these next year and they will be easy to repair. If I want to (which I probably will) I can buy a few more to store away for next year.

Happy Haunting!

– Mr. Frights







  1. They look awesome! Excellent work!!

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