Halloween 2012 – Glowing Eyes from the Darkness

August 23, 2012

Mr. Frights

So if you’re at all using Pinterest (basically an online bookmarking website where you share pictures, videos, etc. from websites you dig), and if you’ve been following myself or even any Halloween pinner on there, then you may have come across the glowing eye toilet paper tube picture. When I saw it the first thing I thought was “why didn’t I think of that” and the second thing I thought was “I’m totally gonna try that”.


The problem was that the idea of putting a bunch of these together could get pretty expensive. The only glow sticks I could find were a few bucks a pop and I hate spending a load of cash on something that 1. I’m not sure will work (because let’s face it, you can’t believe everything you see on the internet) and 2. I could maybe figure out how to do it cheaper in the first place. And that’s exactly what I did.


Glow bracelets 15 for $1 at Target

I have been building up empty TP rolls for a while now, and if you’re not into that you can also use empty paper towel rolls and just cut them in half. I’m sure there are about a million different ways you can do this, I’m just going off of the picture which is from this tutorial [here].


The tutorial I linked to by the way, tells you to use Christmas lights and some other stuff… the actual picture I’m referring to though is all about how to do this with glow sticks. So that’s why I’m referring to the whole glow stick thing.


So, to fix the whole thing about this being slightly expensive, I found those tubes of glow bracelets at Target, 15 of them for a buck. A couple tubes of those and a handful of cardboard tubes and I was ready to go.


Since this was a test run I went with the simplest eye design I could think of with a bit of some scare in there. Then I took to cutting the eyes. You have to be a little careful here because the cardboard is weak and can easily tear or you could slip why cutting and hurt yourself (that is if you’re like me and use regular scissors or a razor).


Glowing eyes

Keeping to the idea that I was using just these tiny bracelets I thought I should double them up to get the best light, so I took out two of the same color and snapped them to life and then bent them into the tube  so that the looped part would kind of outline the inside of the eye leaving the ends facing the opposite eye. I did this for each eye which had the bracelets overlapping and facing each other.


In the dark, this worked! I’d almost say it would work in even low light situations too. The only thing is that these bracelets (if older) might not last as long as a big ol’ glow stick. I know the one I broke wasn’t as bright at the other one and after about an hour they both were a little less bright, though still plainly visible.


Here are some pics from different distances in the dark showing how these looked in the end:


From across the room (about 20ft. away)

Cropped photo from about 10 ft. away

Close up sitting on my mantle – the weird lighting on the sides is from the glass candle holders I sat this between.


For this and more Halloween fun, be sure to sign up (for FREE) for Pinterest and follow my boards! https://pinterest.com/mrfrights/


Enjoy the Halloween my friends!

– Mr. Frights

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