REVIEW: How To Tell the Difference Between a Zombie and The Cable Repair Guy

August 16, 2012

Mr. Frights

Every year about this time I begin to search for family Halloween or horror books. They don’t always jump out at you, so I want to bring as many as I can to your attention. This time I’m reviewing a new book that you can get for your Kindle (though you definitely don’t need a kindle to read it. You can download a free kindle app for your computer or your smart phone) and it’s perfect for your little ones as well as fun for adults. I laughed pretty hard while going over this one.


Author Jennifer Ritter has put together an amusing “how to” with fun stick figure style illustrations. The drawings are done by the author and in a very tongue-in-cheek kind of way, poking fun at her own art skills along the way. But it’s also very appropriate for the story too.


We have here a short [or kid sized] book explaining just what the title says – How To Tell The Difference Between a Zombie and The Cable Repair Guy. This is a creative look at something we often take for granted in our lives and the idea that we should be observant of the things around us. I may be putting meaning into this that the author didn’t intend, but it’s totally there.

Cover for “How To Tell The Difference Between a Zombie and The Cable Repair Guy” by author & illustrator Jennifer Ritter

The comparisons of a zombie and a cable repair guy are pretty funny and the way that this just keeps finding more differences to help you discern between the two creatures is incredibly humorous, so don’t be afraid to chuckle out loud like I did, even if you’re by yourself. The humor starts from the very title page of the book and even in the copyright statement.


I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. The surprise and delight I ended up experiencing while reading this, for me, makes this an instant must have. I shared it with my daughter and she LOVED it! Jennifer put a truly fun and funny book together and at just $3 bucks you really can’t beat it. The bottom line is that this should be a hit with parents and kids alike, especially if you are a fan of horror, Halloween, or humor.


To find out more about the author please see her page on Amazon.com – [Jennifer’s Author Page]


To get your hands on the book please check out this [link]


And if you’d really like to get to know the author I highly suggest checking out the interview I did with her here: http://mrfrights.com/j_ritter.html


It would be a smart thing for you to get this book, especially if you have kids and need to teach them to tell the difference between a zombie and the cable repair guy. After all, better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared.


Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights







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