Halloween 2012 – Light-up Eye

August 9, 2012

Mr. Frights

I did a light-up eye video last year, it was just 19 seconds of the eyes glowing. I thought I should do a super short tutorial video to show how I did it, even though it’s pretty self explanatory.

The eyes are from a pack I picked up of like 9 eye balls for $1 at the Dollar Tree. They come in different styles and are made of some pretty solid hard plastic. I did this two ways. Last year I drilled holes in the balls. This is very difficult without some kind of vice to hold the eye while you’re drilling. It’s dangerous too, because you can slip.

This year I split the eye at the seam. It’s just as difficult because of how they are so hard, but if you work it a little in one spot eventually it will separate. Just be careful not to split them all the way. If you do, you can just glue it back together at the top or something. Once you have your hole, just insert the tip of the candle and you’re done!

Light-up Eye – YouTube.

I’ve recently seen another person has used ping pong balls. Those are probably a lot softer plastic and easier to get a hole into. Plus, you can put faces on them, jack-o-lanterns, or make your own eyes and designs.

The eyes can then be fixed to the insides of a mask to give it glowing eyes or you can use them to spook people out with a set of glowing eyes just off in the corner somewhere in the dark or something. Creepy and FUN! Just be safe when making these.

Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights


Now before I go into this short update I need to be very clear… DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT A RESPONSIBLE ADULT!

Because these eyeballs are so hard it can be very difficult to cut. This is why I used a razor. It’s sharp enough to cut through the hard plastic. Still, it’s probably more dangerous than what I’m about to tell you about. Using a razor, you could slip and cut yourself or break the blade and cut yourself. Using anything else is almost assured to go wrong in the hands of someone who’s not being extremely cautious.

I thought to myself the safest way to do this (and “safe” is relative here) is by melting the plastic a little and then molding a hole with some other stick or something. I used a high intensity flame lighter (torch lighter) and VERY CAREFULLY melted the bottom of the eyeball and then when it was soft enough worked a hole into the bottom using the metal handle of a razor cutter (since the blade was out and it’s long enough and small enough and wouldn’t be ruined if this didn’t work).

The key to this is not directly scorching the plastic until it burns. Just need it softly melted, but melted enough that you can easily get through the plastic. This method made the plastic turn inward with a nice bevel to make it smooth and rounded and have a nice flat side to sit on the light. The hole I made was still tight enough to fit snugly and not fall off. Also, the plastic won’t break from splitting it and the added bonus of the plastic melting together around the seams so it stays together better.

So, there ya have it. Proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK and please be careful whenever working with any sharp tools or fire or anything dangerous. You might want to take extra precautions to be super careful about the melted plastic to avoid burns, so wear some gloves that will protect you. Don’t forget eye protection! And do this in a well ventilated preferably non-flammable area.

Mr. Frights


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