Getting geared up for Halloween 2

July 31, 2012

Mr. Frights

So I have been itching in the worst way for Halloween stuff to start coming in at the stores. I got a pretty good look at some great Halloween stickers that came int0 Target (my secret identity’s job) & I was pretty excited! I hit up Dollar Tree today, just a little bit ago in fact, and came across a plethora of Halloween stuff they had just put out in the last few days (as I was there last Friday and they hadn’t put it out yet), so I thought I’d share some crappy photos with you off of my iPod Touch.

A little kiosk stand with an assortment of Halloween miniatures, dishes, snow globes, and such all over it.

I have a few of these from last year, including the weird looking trick or treater in black with the yellow eyes (next to the ghost all in white), but I wasn’t sure if I had the witch so I picked one up.

Their singular end-cap full of Halloween goodies, some new, some from last year.

I grabbed a couple of the new silhouettes, one each of the bats, rats, and spiders… Oh my! Also picked up one of the door way wire sparkly web hanging things and a door knocker for my daughter’s (Little Frights’) room. She picked it out.

Had to get this… You’re Next! HA!

So go now… run to your local Dollar Tree if you haven’t already and start your picking!!

Enjoy the… Halloween, my friends!

– Mr. Frights





One comment

  1. I’ve been really impressed with what Dollar Tree’s been putting out the last few years. Guess I know where I’m headed tonight! 🙂

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