Getting geared up for Halloween

July 28, 2012

Mr. Frights

So if you don’t already follow Mr. Frights on Pinterest but you’re looking for tips, tricks, and ideas for treats for this years (and every years after) Halloween / Trick or Treat, then you might find some of my pin boards interesting. Here’s the link:
Another thing I had done last year was post a few super short videos showcasing some of the Halloween decorations I bought and or made. You can find those videos on the Mr. Frights channel on YouTube. Here’s the link:
This year I hope to make some more videos or at least take some pictures of what I’m up to and then give you a couple tutorials or ideas for stuff to do. A big help for me last year was that I did A LOT of my shopping at the Dollar Tree store. I was able to use a lot of their $1 items to make bigger better things. They have dollar pumpkins that I added to little displays through out my home along with some spider webbing and a few other touches to make spooky spots all over, even outside.

If you haven’t though of it, you might also check with your local home stores. I shopped at a place called Garden Ridge to pick up a few of my high end decorations that I found for a better price than I found at specialty Halloween stores. Of course don’t ignore the specialty stores. We just got a Spirit Halloween store in my area last year and I found tons of great deals there! No shipping = big bonus too.

The best stuff though, was the stuff I found at stores I didn’t really expect to find great Halloween stuff, like the Dollar Tree and Garden Ridge. My suggestion would be if you’re going out to shop for Halloween pick through local drug stores, grocery stores, dollar stores, home stores, and so on before hitting the Halloween Expresses and such in your area.

And while it might be too late for this year, last year I found some amazing deals for clearance items at placed like Target. I picked up two big planting urns with skulls and jewels in the eyes for 50% off. What would have cost me $50 bucks ended up only costing me $25 dollars minus my discounts (every can sign up for a Red card and get 5% off on top of the sale price). Trust me, that adds up!

If you have other placed to check out I’d love to hear about them! Please share your tips, tricks, and treats with me so we can get everyone to have a fang-tasic Halloween 2012!


Enjoy the horror!

– Mr. Frights




  1. Hi, there are many great low priced Halloween products at Halloween Supply Store, they feature a wide selection of decorations, props, special effects, haunted house music, spooky displays and many more items in their Halloween store.

    • I don’t usually approve of people promoting their own stuff on my pages. It’s considered SPAM. I’ll make an exception this time and approve this because the store has a bunch of stuff I’ve not seen in other stores. The truth is though, some of it seems a little over priced, some is super cheap relatively speaking, and then other stuff is about average. It’s a good place to start if you are looking for other stuff outside the normal things you’d get from Spirit or Halloween Express and so on – http://www.halloweensupplystore.com/

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