REVIEW: NECA Evil Dead II Hero Ash / Henrietta

July 17, 2012

Mr. Frights

Most anticipated of the year so far? Indeed! Since I saw the first two figures in NECA’s new Evil Dead II series [Farewell to Arms Ash and Deadite Ash] I don’t think there have been two other figures I’ve wanted more. NECA upped their game considerably when they put out the new line of Freddy Krueger figures, then came the Evil Dead II set and it just showed how much they really did up their game.

Evil Dead II Deadite Ash by N.E.C.A.

Both Farewell to Arm and Deadite Ash were brilliantly detailed and painted, they were the best articulation of any figure I’d seen ever and the accessories were exciting; which include his girlfriend’s deadite head, the tape player, the book, ax, an alternate infected arm, and the deadite dismembered hand.

Evil Dead II Farewell to Arms Ash by N.E.C.A.

The rear panel of the figures showed the next two in the series which were Hero Ash and Henrietta the deadite from the cabin cellar. They looked really good! Thus began the long wait.

Now that I have them in my possession I can say they were well worth the wait. Hero Ash can easily be compared to the McFarlane Army of Darkness Ash and the NECA version wins hands down. The detail on the chainsaw alone sets this figure so far apart from any other version of this character that there is no contest between them. While I will always have a soft spot for my McFarlane stuff, just looking at the chainsaw from those figures makes me sad now that I’ve seen Hero Ash.

Ash has some more incredible articulation including some twisting available mid leg above the knees. This helps a lot with making the figure stable when standing it up. The feet twist a bit and that also adds to helping it stand without falling over. The paint is slightly darker on this figure compared to the other Ash figures in the series, but it’s still well done and detailed. The figures also feature some soft parts, particularly in the clothing to help it have flexibility.

Evil Dead II Hero Ash by N.E.C.A.

Henrietta, this incredible figure is now the most disgusting figure I own! The rotten holes and sores in her body are just awful and so perfect. The points of articulation are very cool and with the post you can make it look like she is posed hovering in the air just like in the movie. She also comes with an alternate head that is extra long and extra deadite (also in the clip I linked out to). The neck on that head is bendy and has “hair” on top to make it look extra creepy and super cool.

Evil Dead II Henrietta by N.E.C.A.

So far the only bad things I’ve noticed are that the paint tends to be chipping away at the joint on Hero Ash and the limbs on Henrietta seem to fall off kind of easy. The other thing with Hero Ash is the movement on the joins in the wrists is kind of tight so you need to be extra careful twisting things into place or you could break them. The last thing is just that the Boomstick Ash comes with doesn’t fit well into his hand. The trigger finger is not separated enough from the mold of the other fingers for it to help hold the shotgun properly.

Deadite deer head

The accessories… The deadite deer head is really cool. The head moves like it was a figure itself. The only thing is, there’s no where to hang it so you either have to just sit it next to the figure or get creative and figure out how best to hang it yourself. The mouth doesn’t move and it’s just my opinion that a moving mouth would have been a cool feature, but it’s not necessary and it doesn’t take away from what the deer head adds to the collection.

Henrietta alternate head

The Henrietta head, as I said, is bendable and had hair on it. It’s very long, about three inches or more. Mostly I prefer the Deadite as she comes in the box because it looks terrific floating there on that post, then I just sat this head somewhere off to the side but kind of poking out just so it draws some attention and looks really creepy.

This is the best set of Evil Dead figures I’ve ever seen. The accessories and attention to detail from function to just the look are extremely impressive. Now if only N.E.C.A. would do some Army of Darkness figures, specifically a Pit Witch figure, Evil Ash, maybe even the winged Harpy or Deadite version of Sheila… that list could go on. Regardless, I am compelled to give this whole set, and each individual figure my highest rating of four screams.

Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights


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