REVIEW: Cereal Killers Trading Cards Series 2 from Wax-Eye

July 16, 2012

When series 1 came out, I was all over it. I seriously bought at least one 3-pack every pay period [twice that when they went on sale for half price]. The goal was to get at least one if not two complete base sets. I ended up with about seven sets and have been handing off the extra sets as prizes in Mr. Frights contests. I kept the little cereal boxes the cards came in, kept the bases, I even have two sets of the boxes on display in my collection room (one for each side of the boxes). They came with eyeball gum, a surprise in each individual box like a temp tattoo, magnet, black light card, etc. Once in a while you’d get a super cool premium card like a sketch card or a gold card.

Series 1 Cereal Killer 3-pack boxes

Now, when I heard that Wax-eye was making a series 2, I was super excited! The first series was pretty awesome and a second series would surely be at least as good. The fun of course being in the discovery of what’s in the boxes. Little did I consider that series 2 would be so freaking far beyond what we got in series 1!

The best part of these cards for me is the spoofing of the cereals using my favorite characters from horror. Michael Myers [Hallowheaties], Ash [The Wheatful Dead], Freddy, etc. they all made an appearance in the first series. In 55 cards you’d think they’d have covered almost everyone, especially the important figures. Well, in series 2, they have 55 more surprises that include another round of our favorite horror figures, a lot I’m almost ashamed to say that I had forgotten about… but that’s how great series 1 was. So if I’m telling you series 2 is even better, than you should be impressed.

First, the new packaging for series 2 include some more amazing design work and features Dracula [Apple Dracs] and Count Chocula [Count Zombula]. The fact that I didn’t even think for them to have done spoofs on the monster cereals themselves just blows my mind, but it made me smile real big when I saw they were included in this set. Series 1 only had Frankenberry [Frankly Burried] as I recall.

Series 2 Cereal Killers Trading Cards 3-Pack

What’s in the boxes:

20 cards per box, two premium cards, eyeball gum.

In better detail I’ll tell you something pretty incredible. They made it so you get an entire base set per 3-pack of cards. That means you’ll get all 55 cards in one shot! I can not tell you how HUGE that is. For someone like myself who spent literally hundreds of dollars buying these things so fill in my sets, now I can just buy a few sets and be done! I won’t have to hunt for that one special card that you only come across once in a few sets.

The other incredible thing is that they include TWO premium cards per box per 3-pack. That’s 6 premium cards! Last series you were super lucky to get even one premium card as they were filled with magnets, black light cards, and temp tattoos. This time we’re being treated to some impressive Silver Spoon Foil cards and Sugar Glitter Cards as well as Glow-in-the-Dark Fluorescent Stickers and a one of a kind Color Sketch card.

Sugar Glitter Premium Cards

Silver Spoon Cards


And the third incredible thing… the eye ball gum is even better! The last series had eye ball gum, but the printing on the candy wasn’t all that great. This time, the printing on the gum is very detailed, very distinct, and not worn off at all. I almost don’t want to eat the gum because it’s so awesome looking!

Now, about the cost… Some people talked about how the price was to much when series 1 came out. It really does seem a bit high when you consider how a pack of cards costs about $2 bucks and here you’re spending $25 dollars. The reality is that you’re buying 60 cards in those 3-packs, plus the gum, plus the special cards, plus the cool packaging. So, while $2 dollars per pack seems more reasonable than $25 per 3-pack, think about the math – that $2 gets you maybe 5 cards so 60 cards is like 12 packs of cards which adds up to around… $25 bucks! So before anyone gets all turned off about price, just remember it’s the exact same thing, just buying in bulk.

Now, the price has gone up on series 2, which I bulked at myself. I mean it was about $32 bucks every time I bought a pack (including shipping) and now it’s gonna be more like $37 or so when you lump in shipping on these three packs. But, like I said before, if you’re spending 2 bucks a pack on cards then it’s basically the same thing. The price increase though is justified I think. I mean you get a full base set each time out AND you get the new awesome premium cards. And lets not lose sight of the fact that Wacky Packages 3-packs sell for around the same price, so it’s pretty standard for these items.

Sticker Packs

But don’t worry! If you’re still turned off by the price of these 3-packs they have “normal” packs of cards for you at your preferred $2 dollars a pack [$1.75 for series 1 packs] and as of right now, they are FREE SHIPPING. There are 8 cards in the series 2 packs and 5 cards in the series 1 packs. The sticker cards are the same as the cards you get in the 3-packs. The only thing is, you won’t be getting a full set without buying lots of packs of these sticker cards. With the 3-packs, 1 set gets you all 55 base cards. Boom!

If you didn’t jump on the Wax-eye train last time, when I reviewed series 1, or when I offered up complete sets of series 1 in one of my wonderful contests, then you’re a little behind. Don’t miss out any more! Get in on the awesomeness that is Cereal Killers Trading Cards!! They are a great throw back to memories of your childhood, they represent tons of our favorite horror icons, the spoofs of the cereals are pretty funny, and you KNOW someday they will be worth a pretty penny! Trust me when I say you’ll be sorry you didn’t get in on these now.

Subset of Classics in Black and White

Scream of Wheat, one of my favorites from the new series



You can get them directly from Wax-Eye.com of course!

Some Toys R Us stores sell them, and based on my own intuition and some answers I got from Wax-Eye if you REALLY want them in other stores, you can talk to those buyers and beg them to get some in. Show some support for these terrific collectibles, show some love, petition the stores you shop at, and I’m sure after a while you’ll see them at your local Targets (since they sell the Garbage Pale Kids cards and Wacky Packages cards).

Because of how cool these cards are, because of how much Wax-eye has outdone themselves, because these are amazing Joe Simko pieces of art, I’m giving these cards the highest rating I can, four screams!

And while you’re at it, go check out their Facebook page!


Enjoy the horror my frightful friends!

– Mr. Frights




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