The Best Zombie Costumes of 2012

July 10, 2012


Zombie costumes are a really popular genre of Halloween costumes. Over at costumemuse.com we spend our time gathering together the best outfits from around the web and make it easy for costume lovers to search for costume ideas. One of the things we are always surprised by is just how inventive, and pleasingly gross, people can get with their zombiecostume ideas.

Let’s take a look at some of the best zombie costumes we have spotted in 2012.

Zombie Abraham Lincoln

Everyone knows that an Abraham Lincoln costume is made up of the trademark beard and tall hat. When you couple that with the knowledge he was shot at the theatre then the next step is clearly an Abe Licoln zombie outfit complete with bullet would through the cheek.

Zombie JFK and Jackie O

Continuing the presidential assassination theme this bulletin ridden JFK and blood spattered Jackie O zombie costume idea is a great idea for a couple to wear. After all when you’re going to a zombie party you have to be coordinated.

Zombie Prom Queen

Some people like nothing better than to destroy something beautiful and there is certainly something pleasingly macabre about turning your prom dress in to a zombie prom queen outfit. It’s also pretty practical as well. After all how many times do you really get to wear that fancy dress?

Zombie Pregnant Woman

If you’re squeamish then you probably aren’t going to be too interested in all things zombie but this costume certainly isn’t for the feint of heart and definitely strays over in to the bad taste category. However,it ticks all the boxes for an eye catching, grotesque costume and that’s what you want a zombie outfit to be.

Zombie Steve Jobs

Moving on from one bad taste costume and taking that even further we have this zombie Steve Jobs example. If you can get over the ‘too soon’ element of the outfit you have to marvel at the audacity of the accessories including an apple logo embossed turtle neck and an ipad with a coffin on it.

Those have been some of our favorite zombie costumes of 2012. We’re constantly updating out database of costumes and we are sure to uncover some more freaky, shocking outfits very soon.

– David at CostumeMuse.com


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