July 9, 2012

Craig McGee

First, I suddenly realized after writing the title above how much I am totally in love with the word “Geekgasm” and have come to the conclusion that, A) I should Trademark the word before it’s stolen from me like “Crackwhore” was by Norm MacDonald back in the day, and 2) I don’t use it in sentences nearly as much as I should.   But that can easily be remedied as I shall from this point forth incorporate that word into as many daily conversations as possible right along side my other favorites – “Holy balls”, “I’ve heard it both ways”, and “Said the liar…

Second, I consider myself a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s work.  I’ve especially always envied the way he can juggle so many main characters at once and give them ALL something important to do and say (no one is really a secondary throwaway character in his stories) – and I’ve liked practically everything he’s ever come out with…well, except DOLLHOUSE…yes, Eliza Dushku is hotter than doughnut grease without a doubt, but I just couldn’t get into this one.  But while it’s true I am a huge fan of the man’s work, I have always vehemently fought against the rabid fanboys out there (Looking at you most of all on this one, Milhouse) who’ve tried their damnedest to get me to join their herded ranks and classify me as a “Whedonite”.  But after this year I’m seriously considering rethinking my stance on that…

And seriously, who wouldn’t reconsider??  HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY LOVE, ALLYCAT!!  **WRITER’S NOTE – As I started writing this blog on Father’s Day, the realization hit me that any writings I leave open on screen and unattended while I go outside for a smoke break are fair game for anyone, especially my deceivingly crafty yet incredibly sweet daughter.  Plus, it’s so damn cute and thoughtful I had to leave it intact.  So, thank you very much, Allycat ? I love you too!!  END WRITER’S NOTE**

Now where was I…oh yeah, got it!  And seriously, who wouldn’t reconsider??  The man single-handedly brought quality, multifaceted horror with all the high school to college to adulthood angst that goes with it as well as a very entertaining and successful spinoff to that series that constantly reinvented itself to great success every season, as well as a sadly short-lived Sci-Fi/Western series followed by a wrap-up feature film companion to that show which to me is undeniably the best Science Fiction movie since THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and hasn’t been topped since.  SERENITY is indeed THE bombdiggity of Sci-Fi flicks.

But let’s talk about now, shall we?  In a story that started in Joss’ head about 10 years ago and finally got written and greenlighted and shot, it still took another three long years to get it to the big screen.  First it was going to be converted to 3-D, so that took forever.  Then suddenly it wasn’t again.  Then it seemed to disappear for over a year completely off anyone’s radar as if it had been unmercifully shelved for good.  But then…then…BAM!!!  CABIN IN THE WOODS had a definitive release date and the studio stuck with it.  Even though it has been three months since its theatrical debut, I still don’t feel as if I can talk about it properly without spoiling anything for those that haven’t seen it yet.  Yes, it’s THAT good.  And it’s nothing like the previews made it out to be.  And with the exception of a very obvious tribute to the EVIL DEAD movies and just a smidge of THE CUBE thrown in, it is NOTHING like you’ve ever seen before.  For me, it is THE horror film to beat so far this year, hands down.  I will be arrogantly smug and confident enough right now to proclaim that it will make the top of my year-end list.

AVENGERS….assemble!!!!  Yep, I’m well aware that this flick ain’t horror.  Although if you stretch & squeeze the Vikings making Thor and Loki into deities, the inter-dimensional travel aspects of supernaturally mechanical buggers that Loki brings into our world to destroy us, and who we ultimately find out he was working for (nope, won’t spoil that here either), then you can certainly find horror elements to it, soooooooo, THTHTPPPPTTT, it counts.  Whew, I pulled that off!  And, Joss Whedon pulled off writing & directing duties on this movie amazingly (even for him) well given the huge task at hand – seamlessly incorporating already laid down storylines told over the last four years in several superhero origin movies done by other writers and directors before he took over the reins on this one while at the same time giving us his own vision of how The Avengers would come to work together and setting up a new storyline and sequel perfectly.  I never doubted him for an instant.

Click for full wallpaper

As I said before, Whedon (along with James Gunn) are the only solo writers that comes to mind at the moment who can juggle so many main characters all at once and give them so very much life and purpose and not a single one of them gets shorted on screen.  But now my envy has turned to inspiration and from this point forward I will try my absolute best to stretch and grow myself as a writer by trying to incorporate their storytelling traits & talents into my very own traits & talents and certainly into my own work.





So yeah, this can be considered my gushing fanboy blog of the year, and I couldn’t have picked a better guy, in this announcer’s humble opinion.  Both movies hit DVD/Bluray in September, and I suggest you start saving your hard-earned pennies now.  Both movies Joss Whedon had a huge hand in bringing to us, both movies are my two favorite of the year so far in any genre, and both movies deserve to be in everyone’s collection!!


– Craig McGee


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