REVIEW: Beetlejuice NECA Head Knocker

June 28, 2012

The latest addition to my collection, the Beetlejuice Head Knocker from NECA, has me at a bit of a personal milestone. I now only have about Twelve more head knockers on my wish list… two or three of which are “not avaiable”. Twelve might sound like a lot, but when I started getting these, I had over twice that many on my want list. I’ve now collected over 15. Crazy!

Enough about my collection though. The figure itself is one of my favorites because it stands out apart from the rest of my collection since it’s the only Beetlejuice item I have. I love the movie for sure, but I haven’t seen a figure of Beetlejuice [in person] that I want badly enough to purchase. There’s a couple out there I would like to add to my collection, but for the price, it hasn’t been worth it (I hate paying shipping). This guy though, he was just under $20 dollars on Amazon.com. -> [LINK]


NECA Beetlejuice Head Knocker


The first thing that stuck out about this figure was the hair. It’s not really noticeable in the picture, but his hair is semi translucent which makes it look like it were sculpted to be slime or snot or something – Knowing the character, yeah the hair thing is awesome. The next thing is the sculpt of the house – looking closely you’ll find the flat guy from the dead office who was hung on the line; a headless figure on the porch; another haunting figure on the roof of the porch; and then the three figures on the overhang above the windows on the bottom left in the picture above.

The house sculpt itself is fun, taken directly from the poster/movie cover where we can see the details of the characters that I just mentioned sitting all over the house. The character sculpt is really good, but I don’t see much Michael Keaton in it. That’s fine and all, but at the same time it makes Beetlejuice look a little unfamiliar. It’s kind of a caricature really, and I’m cool with that.

Beetlejuice DVD Cover

It’s a high quality piece, just like the other Head Knockers, made from a hard resin which makes it pretty heavy. I have to admit that I was a bit scared to take it out of the box because the figure on the porch is so small it surely would be the easiest point to break off. Fortunately, nothing was busted on it and there was no issues that I could see. A quick dusting with a soft brush got all the packing foam off of the figure without any damage.

My box wasn’t in the best shape when it arrived, but that’s an Amazon thing. They classically have failed in sending out perfect packaging. Still, no harm to the figure. The only reason I mention the box is because some collectors will be concerned with that part. It literally looked like it had been opened from the bottom and then closed back up but they couldn’t get the flap in properly.

Not really important, but I don’t get the blue grass on the base of the figure. Maybe it has to do with the coloring in the picture the sculpt was taken from or maybe it’s something to do with Tim Burton style grass, but it’s just odd. The path coming down the grass is a nice touch, but it’s also pretty obvious and not really special. The suit isn’t sculpted exactly as in the poster image but it’s still really nice. The iconic striped getup has been one of the sticking points for me and why I didn’t pick up the figure with the purple suit. Eww.

The best thing about this piece is the details that went into the house, the little figures, and the head with the hair and mold or whatever the green is supposed to be. The neck is a bit weird looking because it’s so long, but reminds me of when he turned into a snake in the movie; plus it probably helps with the head wobble which is nice… not to tight, not to loose.

My only true disappointment is that the other Head Knockers have the name of the characters or movie the character is from on them and this one doesn’t have that. A nice replica of the famous “Betelgeuse” sign would have been great! I would have even been happy with just “Beetlejuice”, but none at all leaves me scratching my head.

All in all I’m very happy with the piece and I’d be silly to not recommend everyone pick this one up. That’s why I’m giving this bad boy thee screams! If you’re in the market for it, you can find it at the link I provided above or just head to Amazon.com and grab it.



Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights




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