Who or What is Mr. Frights?

June 25, 2012

So, what does Mr. Frights do… exactly? It’s a question I haven’t quite figured out fully, but I have some basics that I try to cover. Maybe you’re not familiar with what I do though, so perhaps a refresher is in order. After all it has been three years since Mr. Frights was established, took shape, what have you.

My default description is that “Mr. Frights produces and promotes entertaining horror content all year long”. What does that mean? Well, first “Mr. Frights Produces…” means that I do my best to put horror entertainment together for you. I’m a creator. I make stories, and I make stories happen. I get lots of help from my friends to do that. Some of the stuff I’ve produced can be seen on my YouTube channel [http://www.youtube.com/user/MrFrights/featured] including my first Mr. Frights produced short zombie flick “GNAW“; my recent “Call To Action” drawn & animated by J.D. Larabee; and several short videos showing some of my Halloween tips & decorations I used at Castle Frights in 2011.

I’ve mentioned Castle Frights a few times. For those who don’t know, it’s simply my home. It it pretty scary on the inside all year long, but only around Halloween does the exterior get all haunted and frightening.

Also under the category of things Mr. Frights produces is the Five With Frights interviews [http://www.mrfrights.com/5wf.html]. These were done my first year and include some pretty heavy names in the horror genre. I made a point to include people I am a fan of personally, people I thought others might be fans of, my own helpers from Team Frights, and a handful of independent creators. Five With Frights refers to the number of questions I show people from the interviews. There’s a link at the bottom of each page that will let you read the entire interview which usually ends up as an additional five or so questions.

Throughout my time as Mr. Frights I’ve also handed out the occasional review of a movie (the most popular being the one I did for Fright Night [https://mrfrights.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/review-fright-night-2011-no-spoilers/]), books, music, and pretty much anything horror related. I’m also a big toy & memorabilia collector and I’ve done several reviews for the pieces I’ve picked up [https://mrfrights.wordpress.com/?s=Toys].


I have a huge list of things you can check out simply by going to www.mrfrights.com – but to get to the older stuff you might want to check out THE GATEWAY [http://www.mrfrights.com/media.html] where I have the links you’d need to see all the stuff I put out the first year of Mr. Frights.

The other part of Mr. Frights is the “…promotes entertaining horror content” which means quite literally I promote the things in horror that I love. I promote music by putting together an extensive playlist of songs (most of which you can find on the iPod looking player on my website or at this link) I think are great for every day listening as well as for Halloween season. A bunch of these songs are by independent artist & I always add them to my iPod and play them all year long everywhere I go. Seriously. At my “day job” I have my iPod playing horror / Halloween music all the time. People hear the music I play and they ask about it and I tell them who and what song. There I am promoting.

When Mr. Frights promotes something it’s not just online. It’s not just posting a link or blogging or pinning something. When I promote something it gets out there beyond my number of followers on Twitter of Facebook. It gets out there to people I run into all day / night long. One of the big things I like to do is the Twitter FOLLOW FRIDAY. I’ll go through and add followers to my list. I go through each follower’s profile to get their links to their work and then I post those links here for everyone to see and then I post them on all my other sites. Pretty cool huh?



I promote through my collection of social networking profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Instagram, Tumbler, Digg, etc. (this list is pretty big). I also promote in every horror centric Facebook group, and if I really want to get the word out I’ll post things all over the message boards I belong to. You can find most of this stuff at my own RESOURCES page. By the way, if you’re not on there & would like to be added, let me know!!

Indie or mainstream, music, movies, books, artists, other websites, blogs, podcasts, stores, products, you name it and Mr. Frights promotes it. The only catch is that I only promote things I feel are high quality and worth getting other people to check out. If I just promoted everything I wouldn’t have much influence and people would have very little respect for any of my opinions. If I don’t like something, I’m not holding back. I’m an honest reviewer and I’ve given my share of bad reviews on things. I’ve been respectful of people’s egos and goals and have held back reviews too. I’m not out trying to hurt people.

Something I try to stay away from is straight out exploitation stuff. There’s plenty of sites and people out there who support and promote that stuff and I feel that’s not for Mr. Frights. There’s a certain level of excellence I’ve tried to uphold with Mr. Frights since before I even kicked things off. I won’t change that no matter how much it might get me more views or hits on a website. It’s called integrity.

Eric from www.myphotocookieonlinestore.com from when we were promoting Cheetham’s Zombie Cookies

I’ve promoted through review, interview, just posting links, running contests, and at the same time I’m producing the fun horror you guys love! It’s a win win. I’ve never asked for money (which I can’t say will always be the case since I want to make a living doing this). I’ve done everything weather or not someone returns the favor, but I always ask people to share Mr. Frights in an effort to cross promote which I think is very fair. I’ve had people donate stuff for my contests and so I can give those who follow Mr. Frights something fun to have, and most times it’s their idea.



My contests always are there to try to encourage people, fans, to create. The goal is to get the fans involved and encourage them to be part of horror and not just sit on the sidelines. If that’s what they prefer, cool. But it’s so much fun to get out and create something or just participate in something.

The bottom line is I’m trying to use Mr. Frights to help people. I’m trying to use Mr. Frights to create fun entertaining horror content for fans and trying to share horror with everyone who wants it. I’m trying to support those who need it and encourage others to support these other great creators of horror. I think I’ve been successful in my goals so far, though I’d like to see more success. It’s not easy because there’s so much out there already and being a new voice is just, well, hard to be heard. The only way I get out there is through your help! You pass my links along, you like my updates, you comment on the things I post and I gain more voice online. I know it seems unimportant and maybe a bit silly, but it’s true. Such a simple thing as interacting with me by just clicking the “like” button or something along those lines means the world to me.

I’ve asked for people to join Team Frights in the past. Team Frights is simply a group of people who support and help Mr. Frights be all it can be. It’s supposed to help everyone in the group do the things they love. There’s nothing more I enjoy than giving people opportunities to write or do their artwork or whatever they like to do. Providing opportunities is a BIG deal to me. I have been in spots where I wished I’d have had opportunities and they never came. So here is Mr. Frights trying to make his way in the horror world and trying to help everyone he can. But to do that, I need your help. It’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. I’m still and always looking for people who want to be part of Mr. Frights or use Mr. Frights as an outlet for their work. [contact me at MRFRIGHTSatGMAILdotCOM]

I also have an ongoing contest to get Mr. Frights’ page on Facebook to 666 fans. Relatively speaking that’s not a lot. I’m almost 100 followers away from that number. On Twitter I’ve blown past that number and now am in the seven or eight hundreds. The contest goes that when I hit that number I’ll raffle off a movie marquee mylar from Critters 2 signed by Mick Garris who made the movie. It’s only two of a kind in existence and it’s a big deal collectible which any horror fan should be able to appreciate.

I hope this helps explain more about Mr. Frights to anyone who doesn’t know who or what I am. I hope this encourages people to fan up or to spread the word to their friends. And hey, let me be the judge of what’s high quality. Have some courage and if you happen to be an artist of some kind, musician, author, filmmaker, etc. and you have something you’d like to introduce me to, please contact me. I’m open to listening to your proposals and I’m a pretty fair guy. I try really hard to find a way to include everyone in the benefits of promoting with Mr. Frights.


Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights





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