Today’s random Frights playlist video: Fright Night (1985) Trailer

June 16, 2012

Completely by coincidence here’s the Fright Night 1985 trailer. How I pick these videos of the day… I go to my website (where the player is) I hit refresh and then hit the “next” button two times. Whatever comes up (if it’s not a repeat) I post that video for the day. So barring my comments from last night where I said “If you actually believe you like “the original Fright Night better” (something I saw someone post on Pinterest), then you either didn’t see the new one or you seriously don’t get they are completely different movies.” and “Yeah, I like them both too, but it’s like comparing Deep Impact and Armageddon. Both about meteors crashing into the Earth, but different enough to be completely different movies. In Fright Night the same names are used, but the characters, locations, totally different.” I present the trailer for Fright Night from 1985, because it’s on my playlist. 🙂


Fright Night 1985 Trailer – YouTube.




One comment

  1. I love this film, the only thing I really missed in the new one was the strange relationship between Jerry and his day-watcher.
    I’m having a Lucio Fulci night at home tonight! Wicked dreams, Mr. Frights x

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