Today’s random Frights playlist video: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer

June 6, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Official Trailer #2 – (2012) Movie – YouTube.





  1. Okay, I hate to be “that guy”, but I have to be. I think this movie is crap and disrespectful. I know I sound like the cranky old man, but I really feel like this movie detracts from the amazingly complicated and heavy burden he actually had to bear. I LOVE horror movies, but I’ll be skipping this one.

    • See, I think it’s just the opposite. I see it as someone taking one of our greatest people and making a tribute to them by way of a work of art. Writing being the art. Filmmaking being what comes from that which is also art. Doesn’t matter that it’s against fictional monsters because he battled real “monsters” in history. Not just that, but it looks brilliant! It’s not in disrespect at all, but in it’s own way taking a legend and saying “hey, this guy was bad ass and a greater hero than we know”. Disrespect would be in taking the guy and defaming his reputation or making cheap the accomplishments he achieved. This movie isn’t doing that.

      Here’s a link to the wiki on the novel:


      • I understand your points, but I still disagree. I think that when the populous hear his name they will think of two things: Civil War and Vampires. I think it does cheapen his actual accomplishments. Did you know that he was a boxer? That he was gay? That he had so much more to him than people realize and now they will always have this damn vampire movie in their heads.

      • Well, making a fiction hero out of a non-fictional hero never seems like a bad idea to me. It’s when people make bad non-fictional characters into historical heroes that I find distasteful. History will always be the same for Lincoln regardless of what fiction is built around him. Making up a story about him won’t change what he’s done and it won’t tarnish it. Vampires aren’t real and I’m pretty sure no one is going to think that Abe went about killing vampires. Personally I think of him as the guy who pranked his poor mother by having his sibling walk on the ceiling to make footprints all over their home. Just because this movie comes out doesn’t mean I’ll know less about him or that what I do know suddenly will change from the historical fact that I was taught in school.

      • True.

  2. Ghhheeezzz, I wonder if ALVH could’ve been inspired by moi’s
    “Everybody Loves Darwin The Vampire Slayer”
    comedy bit?
    Wait a sec…..thievery in Hollywood!!! Naaaaaaay! Couldn’t be.
    Most assuredly not with the FBI (Filmmakers Bitches Incorporated) about.

    • Well, you’re most welcome to look up the information on the book – (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Lincoln,_Vampire_Hunter) – and from what I can tell your own comedy bit comes from around 2004 – (http://launch.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/filkmusic/message/407) – though with how the world works naturally, and creatively, I have to bet on them having nothing to do with one and other.

      I’ve had ideas that never made it to paper let alone completion and sure enough if someone else doesn’t end up with something strangely similar if not dead on from somewhere far far away from me. Just how things happen. But I am also familiar with people jacking other’s ideas for stories and such, applying their elements to different scenarios and such. “Stealing” them. Nothing you can do about it – other than be bitter or let it inspire you to come up with something even better.

      I’m surprised at how many people talk a good game about never giving up and keep on keepin’ on but then crap out because they got hurt in some way, even indirectly or by accident. There’s no point in getting bothered by this stuff. I know that’s like saying ignore that broken leg of yours, but you have to be that way if you’re going to succeed. Try being “original” in a time and day where horror hosts and horror purveyors are a dime a dozen. It’s not easy.

      I’ve been at this three years. Been a filmmaker for over seven. I know people who worked in filmmaking for more then 20 years and didn’t strike oil, then suddenly one project comes along and they get noticed and then it’s a mountain of work sliding down on them – as if by magic the skies opened up and said “it’s time”.

      I’m sure they were a bit bothered by that time, but it didn’t stop them. Here, in your comment I only sense bitterness and maybe some hurt or anger, not to mention a bit of narcissism. It’s ok, we all need a bit of that, but it doesn’t do a bit of good if you’re not using it to get you somewhere instead of letting it fester inside you.

      While I don’t know you or your situation, and very well could rest in the knowledge that I should “butt out”, you came to my blog and decided to spread your “cheer” all over the place with your comments that to me just read “woe is me – someone got a piece of the pie for something similar to my ideas and I got nothing out of all the time and effort I put into it.” Well, either keep going or give it up because now your going to strange blogs and spreading your pain around instead of your work or passion.

      Blessings and Positivity be with you!

      – Mr. Frights

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