Consider This

June 4, 2012

Time for another “Consider This” where I pose the idea and you guys give me your thoughts. Then, if I get enough responses, I’ll post your answers! Last week I asked you “The key to making good horror is…?” and here are your answers:




Tim said: An evil monster! You do need a little humor, even in the most scariest of horror.

J.D. said: …A Story… decide who the audience is supposed to “get behind”:  The hero or the Anti-Hero… Or, the Killer? And give them some substance… Don’t resort to just JUMP tactics or gore alone!!!

Dragonsmind said: Horror,Creepy Setting, plot, and music, the 7 scares, Fears, phobias, gore, Intence scenes, Dark Comedy hot girls, ha ha ha


This week I ask you to consider this…

The scariest (as in horror, creepy factor) place on Earth to you is…?

Just to get the ball rolling I’ll name a couple of my own. Number one has to be the basement. Always gave me the creeps going down into my grandparent’s basement even if it was lit (though even when lit, it was still dim and had dark spaces. Another would have to be wooded areas at night. I used to walk passed one on my way home sometimes when I was a kid. Sometimes I’d run as fast as I could to get by it. Not sure what I thought would come out of there, but still… and in the day time, never had a problem. Go figure.

So, tell me, what’s YOUR scariest place on Earth?


And don’t forget about Mr. Frights’ All Out Scary Talent Show Off. Show me what you’re scary good at and you could win some cool stuff!


– Mr. Frights



One comment

  1. The ocean depths. All sorts of strange creatures down there and unlike us, they can breathe just fine.

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