Mr. Frights’ All Out Scary Talent Show Off

June 1, 2012

Because this prize is so big we need a big contest. You’ll need to make sure you follow ALL the rules to be eligible so make sure you read carefully. This is a talent contest! Use your best talent for scary fun and the best one wins. It’s that simple. However, you have to follow these steps to qualify:

1. ‘Like’ Mr. Frights on Facebook. [www.facebook.com/frights]

2. Share Mr. Frights’ link to his page on Facebook [www.facebook.com/frights] (I’ll need to see your post so be sure it’s visible to me by tagging “@Mr. Frights” in it or by sharing your Facebook link in the e-mail entry so I can go see it)

3. Submit your best SCARY fun (as long as it revolves around horror, we’ll take it. Horror, horror comedy, etc.) piece of work. You’re best writing [poem, story, screenplay, etc. Please nothing over 2000 words.], Your best photo (example) [please no file over the size of 1MB], painting, song (example), video (example), performance [please nothing over ten(10) minutes]; whatever you think you’re good at, that’s what I want to see. (NOTE: Don’t be intimidated, you never know who will enter the contest and the examples are just to show what types of things we’re looking for. Do your best, and give it a shot!)

For any material that is not digital, you may send a photo of the entry. For other entries that can not be e-mailed directly, you may submit a link (i.e. video on YOUR youtube.com account). The linked account you submit MUST have your real name on it and in the description of the work submitted so we can verify you are submitting your own work. All entries MUST be your own work. You can NOT submit the work of someone else, you can NOT submit FOR someone else. The work submitted [as in YOUR work] MUST have been completed in the past two(2) years – anything older than JUNE 1, 2010 will NOT be eligible. If you submit a performance of someone else’s work [i.e. your best “Thriller” performance] you MUST credit the original work, author, creator, etc. for the work to be eligible.

You have two (2) weeks to submit your piece. The contest ends Friday June 15th at 11:59PM. At the end of the two weeks I’ll look over the entries and with a crack team of contest judges, pick a winner. The winner will be notified by e-mail no later than the last day of June. You have three (3) days to respond to the winning notification. If you do not respond within the three day period the prize will be passed on to the next winner in line who also has three days to respond or the same result applies.

OFFICIAL ENTRIES MUST: be sent to the e-mail mrfrights[at]gmail[dot]com and MUST include your real name, a good return e-mail address, your Facebook link if you’re using that to verify the second part of the entry process, and your shipping address. Only one (1) entry per household. ENTRIES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THESE RULES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! PLEASE NOTE: People who enter this contest agree to give Mr. Frights permission to exhibit their submitted entries.

PRIZE: One lucky winner will recieve this awesome prize pack which includes: Three (3) autographed photos of Actress Jessica Cameron; an autographed promo print of Mr. Frights; a complete set of Topps Fright Flicks trading cards; a complete base set of Wax-Eye Cereal Killer trading cards series 1.

On a side note, it would be scary cool of you if you’d go give Jessica Cameron a ‘like’ and give Wax-Eye a visit.

Good frights and good luck!

– Mr. Frights



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