Consider This

May 24, 2012

Last week we asked:

Werewolves change during the full moon, but sometimes it seems the full moon lasts as long as five days or so. Even though the moon isn’t truly full during those times, do you think it’s still enough to turn a wolf? Or do we only have to worry about the one night that it’s truly full?



Here are your responses:

J.D. says: “Full only… its the moon and tide synch! So typically once a month… Wolf-period! One night only!”



Now, the real question is:

The key to making good horror is…?



Next week we’ll post your responses, so get to postin’!

– Mr. Frights




One comment

  1. Horror,Creepy Setting, plot, and music, the 7 scares, Fears, phobias, gore, Intence scenes, Dark Comedy hot girls, ha ha ha

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