Review: Hollywood Collectibles Group T2

May 22, 2012

I’ve never heard of Hollywood Collectibles Group, but when I ran into a T2 Endoskeleton statue during a search for some new Terminator stuff for my collection, I had to check them out and get that statue.

T2 Hollywood Collectibles Group

This is a statue pure and simple. Well protected in the box, it showed up completely intact. Out of the box I was treated to this very well sculpted piece. I’ve mentioned before that it would be hard to do justice to an endoskeleton that is supposed to be comprised of many intricate parts and they are skinny and small and mobile. This suffers from the same issue where larger scale type statues or bobble heads are just too square and it makes them look kind of goofy.

I wouldn’t blame someone for thinking this was a bobble head since the did this sculpt in a way that makes it not proportionate between the big head and the smaller body. However, the details on both are really nice. The teeth are a bit white, but they are not uniform and look like they could be realistic teeth as they were in the movie. I like how he’s holding the gun with one hand, that’s a nice departure from other versions of the endoskeleton and it’s how I have one of my other action figure endoskeletons (because it’s missing an arm – but don’t worry I have another in it’s case still).

The risky thing here is that it has no base. The statue is free standing and the legs are sculpted in a way that they settled sort of off balance of each other, so there’s a little bit of wobble. Still, it is sturdy and solid and it feels like it’s been made from a resin that is heavy and strong. Because of the thin legs and arms I’d be very careful with it though because I wouldn’t want it to break.

I picked this guy up for the great super low price of about $18 bucks with shipping, though on Amazon.com it sells for about $12 bucks which leaves about six dollars for the shipping. I’m a bit surprised that it’s so cheap considering the quality of this statue and that it comes from a company that seems to make a lot of great high end collectibles. I’m definitely looking to pick up some more from Hollywood Collectibles and you can get this one online here.

Because of how surprised I was at the quality of this thing, but also because of some of the minor characteristics I found in it, I have to grant this a grade of three screams.

– Mr. Frights



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