Review: N.E.C.A. Exorcist Extreme Head Knocker

May 21, 2012

I’m not exactly a fan of The Exorcist. I’m not getting into a debate about this, but I just find the movie boring. However, I can’t deny the iconic presence the imagery from the movie has on pop culture and it would be a shame to have any kind of horror collection without something from the film. Not just that, but as I’ve stated before, these Extreme Head Knockers from N.E.C.A. are impressive and I love having them on my shelves.

N.E.C.A. Exorcist Extreme Head Knocker

N.E.C.A. EHKs are very well packed and protected, but even with that this showed up with a broken arm. The break was clean so it was easy to fix with a little super glue even though it was an awkward position. This piece seems to have that issue as you check out reviews on Amazon.com, but aside from the arm it was in perfect condition.

The best part of this is that the bed is on springs and is lifted off the floor as if floating and so that it bobbles. The detail is really impressive. The floor boards have the wood grain, the neck is twisted, the arms are tied up with wood braces and linen, and the paint is very well done. The head knocks around pretty well but even more so the bed knocks around easily.

The size of this is perfect as it’s not too big so that it doesn’t take up a lot of precious space and it’s not too small so that it really stands out and matches up with the other EHKs.

If you’re into the Exorcist, if you like the Extreme Head Knockers, this would be a great addition to any collection. I picked this up for around $20 dollars with shipping, you can still pick this up for about the same online at Amazon.com here. Because of how great the detailing is and how fun this thing turned out to be, I have to give it all four screams!

– Mr. Frights



One comment

  1. You WILL debate this, Mr. Frights! You cant do so much as say the word “horror” without mentioning The Exorcist! I know of no other horror film that had the same effect on audiences both immediate and long term. But then again, I am biased because I watched it when I was six. That, and I am currently possesed by the demon Pazuzu. He told me to send Mr. Frights his regards.

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