Review: Predator Extreme Head Knocker by N.E.C.A.

May 19, 2012

I reviewed the Predator 2 Extreme Head Knocker last year. It wasn’t all that great because of the paint and several other issues. (You can check that out here). So when I went to buy the Predator 1 EHK from N.E.C.A. I was a little aprehensive. Still, with as much love as I have for N.E.C.A.’s horror collectibles and their Extreme Head Knockers, I couldn’t pass it up.

N.E.C.A. Predator Extreme Head Knocker

I can’t say a whole lot about this thing. It’s amazing in every sense of the word. The paint is perfect. The coloring is perfect. The sculpt is perfect. The detailing on this thing is extremely impressive which is why I took the front AND back view photo. I had to be sure that whomever I showed this off to got to see the skin and detailing on the back. The netting on this guy doesn’t fade anywhere. The figure is solid and the head knocks really well. The blades on his right arm don’t look like they are going to fall out and they are not bent in a funny angle or anything.

For people collecting Predator stuff, Extreme Head Knockers, horror toys, etc., this is a brillant addition to any collection. You can pick this up for about $20 bucks on Amazon.com here.

I have to say this is probably one of my favorite EHKs from N.E.C.A. and that’s why I give it a full four screams!

– Mr. Frights



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