A Message from J.D.

May 19, 2012

Before you do ANYTHING TODAY… Do this for me: LIKE Mr. Frights on Facebook! DO IT! Then watch the newest video (below), and subscribe to him on You Tube.







Mr. Frights’ A Call To Action


… Why?

Because Mr. Frights himself is doing something AWESOME: Showing us ALL that HORROR can be fun, and a its TRULY group effort that needs to be shared! Not something to just be SCARED OF… LOVE IT, embrace it, SHARE IT and be a PART OF IT!

A group of “Frightskateers” working together to make it all meld: Frights does the leg work, the coding, the promotion, and IS the face (and gooey brains) behind it all… Another helps with funding, ideas and shares YEARS of experience in “the biz”… Another helps spread the word, and gets inside the industry for contacts and promote projects they are inspired by… Another writes scripts for movies, shorts, and helps produce a bulk of the content that Frights will be helping to promote… And, yet another draws cartoons of Mr. Frights, animates him, and the crew having fun, promoting and sharing the love (Yep, yours truly: J.D.). And there are many MORE “Others” (sorry, ‘LOST’ joke) who join the cheering, the promoting and inspiration…

Sure, there is MUCH more to it than that! But its something BEAUTIFUL to see it work! Not just promoting our own work, but the work of others… Getting videos from new directors SEEN, sharing reviews on new collectibles, movies and products… The list goes ON!
Oh, and I HAVE To mention: THE PRIZES! Movie collectibles, memorabilia, and AUTOGRAPHED RARE/ UNIQUE ITEMS from the realm of horror! Mr. Frights shares the wealth! And not only can you WIN these things, but you get a chance to share your own videos, your short stories, your art!!!

Be a part of this: http://www.mrfrights.com/

Now, go watch the video, SHARE IT and let everyone know “…THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR HORROR!!!!”

– J.D.


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