Consider This

May 17, 2012

Last time we asked:


Would you make a deal with a demon/the devil? What would it be for? Would you try to get out of it or try to outsmart the demon? How do you think you’d do it?




Here are some of the responses you gave:


 Nicole says: “No deal. As learned from the many movies, Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, Once Upon A Time, etc. all deals come with a price

J.D. says: “I would NEVER make the deal!  This is just THIS life…  Don’t want to destroy the next for me or anyone else!  There is NO alternative.  Besides, who said GOD doesn’t accept deals as well?

Tim says: “I am Pazuzu.



This week we ask you to Consider This…


Werewolves change during the full moon, but sometimes it seems the full moon lasts as long as five days or so. Even though the moon isn’t truly full during those times, do you think it’s still enough to turn a wolf? Or do we only have to worry about the one night that it’s truly full?



As usual, if we get enough feedback on this, I’ll post your answers in the next “Consider This…”



Happy Horror everyone!!

Mr. Frights





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