Frightful Fridays

April 27, 2012

So a little about this… I do what’s called Follow Friday over on Twitter where you post a bunch of other Twitter user’s names in order to get other people to follow them. It’s like giving props to good Twitterers and free promotion. But, I use more than Twitter and these good people who make my list have websites and other things that I’m sure they want people to check out. That’s why they are using Twitter in most cases. I figured I’ll help out and take Follow Friday one step further and post thier links on my Facebook page.

Well, now that I’ve moved my blog over and things are a little easier for me to post, I thought I’d go yet another step and post those links to the blog here. So, if you’d please – go through the links below, check out the people’s work and maybe like them or follow them on Twitter or even just pass along their links to others, I and I’m sure they would be very grateful.






Don’t forget that Mr. Frights has his Follow Friday list at http://mrfrights.com/ff.html – I update this about once every three to six months, so if you’re missing from the list it’s because I haven’t updated it, or if you were on the list and are not anymore, you’ve stopped following me or you’ve changed your Twitter name and I can’t find you. Don’t frett, it’s my system for keeping my FF list somewhat under control. If you want back in, let me know!

– Mr. Frights



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