Consider This

April 27, 2012

This time for “Consider This” I pose the question:

If you could consume a ghost (of a human), would that still be considered cannibalism?

As before, if I get enough responses I’ll post the answers in the next “Consider This” segment.



Last time I asked


A little comedy never hurt a scary movie… so what’s one of your favorite comedy horror movie moments?


Here are your responses:


Derek Stewart: ‎”Pancakes!” -Cabin Fever

Christine Eileen Dillow: Just gonna mention Shaun of the Dead. The whole movie was ridiculous! Loved it!

J.d. Larabee: Evil dead is the animal heads laughing and Bruce going nutty after the severed hand!  And BOTH movies have the “She’s pretending…” when Deadites are STILL alive!  AOD of course the mini-ash attack him…AND:  THE BOOK almost sucking Big-chinned Bruce in!

Derek Stewart: The hitchiker scene in the original Texas Chainsaw.  Franklin saying “He took my picture…” cracks me up every time 🙂

ant‏: in Bad Taste when the guy is hiding in the shed. He kicks open the door ready to pitchfork an alien but gets stuck on a hook.


Enjoy the horror!

– Mr. Frights



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