New Host, Old Blog

April 9, 2012

I’m toying with the idea of moving my blog from Posterous to WordPress, at some point I’ll have to make a first post so why not now. The move comes as a result of a need for more functionality and a need for a wider reach. Posterous doesn’t support java style widgets and that has been a wall for me that I’ve run into a few times. They also don’t support certain formatting and the only answer I’ve ever gotten from them is that they are weighing options for some of these features. While they are busy weighing these options other blog hosts have had them for a very long time.

So, on to Mr. Frights. For those not familiar with me the whole point of the Mr. Frights online network is to entertain people. I prefer to do that by helping others promote their work in horror/Halloween and by producing some of that entertainment with a select group of contributors and participants. You’ll find the bulk of what Mr. Frights is about over on the main website at www.mrfrights.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/frights. You’ll also find Mr. Frights on Twitter @mrfrights and around the web at other message boards and social sites. You’ll find me almost anywhere I can dig into in order to offer people a wider net to promote their horror fun to fans of the genre.

I am always looking to collaborate with others and creat new partnerships for cross promotion and to help get the word out about anything from photography, movies, books, and anything else horror or Halloween related. I regularly invite people to become contributors to Mr. Frights’ Scary Stuff The Big Blog of Doom and Things through being a guest poster or a regular poster. I also have an extensive horror resource page on my website featuring links from all kinds of places – www.mrfrights.com/resources.html.

I also like to run contests, mostly things that get the fans involved in the horror they so love, and so I’m always seeking partners in this who would like to sponsor a contest by offering a prize. If you’re interested in any of this I invite you to shoot me an email [mrfrights at gmail dot com] about your interests and proposals.

From here I’d just like to welcome you to Mr. Frights’ haunted internet playground and I hope you enjoy it!

– Mr. Frights



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