My Trip to Horror Hound Weekend Columbus Ohio

April 5, 2012

This is usually where having an overnight job sucks. I work all weekend, have to sleep during the day. Most of the time this is perfect for me. I mean I’m a night dweller. Nocternal for life! But come time to hit these great events, I don’t usually get the chance.

Being that this was in my area, quite literally down the street from me, I HAD to go. The guest list was incredible… lots of people there I wanted to catch up with, lots I had never met in person and this was my chance, lots I just wanted to meet or get my picture with.

For only being able to go for one day, Sunday, I think I accomplished most of what I set out to do. I did miss a few people, I felt a bit rushed because there was less time to do all the things I wanted, meet all the people I wanted to meet… so I ended up just rushing through more so than I actually had to. I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d have liked and everyone was so busy that I forgot a lot of what I wanted to say to some and others I just straight up zipped through our interaction and was gone.

I didn’t have as much time to prepare as I’d hoped and never got to don my Mr. Frights outfit, which I think crippled me a bit when it came to rubbing elbows with the honored Horror Hosts. But I did hand out every one of my business cards.

So, step by step: Got there, no problem getting a parking spot as there were plenty right up front. Got in, tickets at the window, jumped in this insanely huge line. Waited about five minutes before asking somone if it was the line to get in to which they answered it was the line to see Norman Reedus. That line never really dwindelled at all, and I had a lot of people on my list so I just never bothered.

I and my guest went right to the main room at that point and the first people I ran into were Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves. It was great to meet them in person and get a photo with them. I picked up a few of their DVDs, I do like to support the arts when I can. They are two of the sweetest ladies of horror I’ve ever met.

I ran into Gunnar Hansen next and chatted him up a bit. I hung with him a couple years ago at Fright Night Film Fest in KY and did an interview with him for Five With Frights.

After that we rolled through the rest of the convention rooms just to see what was going on, where everyone was, and just to check out the booths. Once we got our barings I went through my list based on who had the least people in line waiting to meet them. First up was Doug Bradley, then Denise Crosby, followed by Lynn Lowry. We discovered Fritz the Night Owl in one of the convention rooms down an adjuct hallway and my pal Sal Lizard who played a college professor in one my of short horror flicks. We browsed some more and found several horror hosts which we snagged pics with as opportunities presented.

Next up was Danielle Harris, star of my very first horror film Halloween 4. I’ve wanted to meet her for a very long time and I couldn’t pass this up. I have a full size H2 poster that I wanted to get her, Scout, and Tyler Mane to sign as part of my main reason for going. We saw Tyler Mane next and while I knew he was a big guy, I’m kind of a big fella myself, so looking up to him was pretty damn cool. I got to chat up Tyler a bit about his new project that he is working on with Todd Farmer and Derek Mears (Compound Fracture).

Scout Taylor-Compton wasn’t there at the time, but eventually she was at her table and no one was around so no lines and plenty of time to just talk. She asked about my “day job” and we talked about Mr. Frights stuff and some other pleasentries. Got all three autographs on my poster and mission goal #1 completed!

Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) had a pretty big line so I waited until it went down a bit and went over to meet the best horror host I ever knew from my childhood. I was a little bummed she wasn’t in her getup, but I was there to meet the person, not the character. Still it would have been fun to get my picture with her in costume.

Jessica Cameron was there and I made sure to chat her up. I haven’t seen her in a long time, we used to run in the same filmmaker circles here so that was nice to catch up. I have some great autographed pics of her that I’ll be giving away to some Frights fans in the future.

I also got to snap some pics of some of the people there who were dressed up, very cool costumes I might add. Not sure if some of them were official characters or fans who dressed up, but what matters is I got some very cool pics.

On our way around we ran into a sword swallower and caught his show. He did about a ten minute gig where he swallowed a short sword and bent over, then two swords and took a bow. I’ve never seen that in person which made it pretty cool and it drew a pretty good crowd.

Finally found Tippy Hedren and had to get my picture with her. Ran into some other artists and more horror hosts and then went to see if the line to Norman Reedus was down a bit. It was but not quite as much as I’d hoped. They kept announcing people would only be signing for a little while longer and I just felt like it wouldn’t be worth standing in that big of a line just to end up being turned away. I did get a picture of him at one point so at least I got that.

Overall I enjoyed being there, but I wish I’d had more time or another day I could have been there. Feeling the rush to get everything done on my list just made the day go by way faster than it should have. Sunday was definitely the right day to go as I’ve heard nothing but complaints from people who went on Saturday. Next time, if I’m able to go, I would really like to have my Mr. Frights get up together (the biggest part is the makeup and getting it to stay on through the sweat, which now I think I’ve got that covered). I’d also like to make a weekend of it. One day is just not enough for me.


— Mr. Frights




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