Why Jason X is a great movie

February 20, 2012

I love how people who refuse to acknowledge how bad a horror film really is always fall back on how awesome the kills are. Even when faced with the idea that the kills don’t make the movie, they are just adamant about it. But when they hate a movie and you bring up how awesome the kills are, they denounce your idea saying that the kills don’t make the movie.

I for one really like the movie “Jason X“. I think it’s fun and had a lot of great horror moments. I think the story works and it was a very entertaining movie. Several people I know don’t agree though and say the movie is the worst. I beg to differ and I’ll tell you why. First though, let me just point out their reasoning hinges almost completely on the stupid android they didn’t like.


First off, the movie had great timing for when it was released. At the time we just needed another Jason movie. “Jason Goes To Hell” might have been the first title to skirt the Friday the 13th connection, but “Jason X” kind of moved us out of the whole Friday the 13th series into what fans really wanted… just Jason.

Reason number two goes like this… This film more than any other, showcases how bad ass Jason really is. From the intro kills to the point where he cuts off the guys arm while still frozen all the way through where he becomes Uber Jason which is the most bad ass we’ve ever seen — This film is all about showing off Jason’s unstoppable killing machine nature. I mean the guy finally gets killed to the point where it would be impossible for him to come back and suddenly here’s these computers from the future made to help heal and they are putting back together one of the most notorious killers in horror history! Not just that, but they put him back together with the super tech medical table he smashed into so he’s gotten some significant upgrades! Brilliant!!

I remember seeing the scene where he became Uber Jason and I was so excited and on the edge of my seat because it was indeed ON at that point. Everyone was screwed! By now, you’re kinda rooting for the killer, which is kind of absurd seeing as he’s the bad guy. But what a freakin’ cool bad guy! Try to remember as a kid watching whatever show it was where the hero changed from normal guy to super guy. You were always on the edge waiting for that one moment when you heard the music kick in and Adam said “By the power of Grayskull…” and turned into He-Man or when Clark ducked into a phone booth and shot out in Superman garb. This was that same moment but in horror form. Watching the movie these days I still am anxious for that moment!


Another thing that makes this movie great is the kills of course. While they don’t make a movie, they can indeed contribute to it’s awesomeness. The lady doctor doing her tests on Jason turns her back to him and suddenly his fingers move and you know she’s done for. He rises and comes up to her pushing her face into the liquid nitrogen and then shattering it on the table! Flippin’ cool! A several kills later we have him surrounded by a hologram that takes us back to the origins, the soul of what makes Jason who he is… he picks up the teen in a sleeping bag and just swings it around bashing the occupant against a tree over and OVER. HELLO!!! So much fun!

Seeing Jason flying through space to get to his next victims was really cool too and to see the apparently unbeatable protector (Brodski played by underrated badass Peter Mensah) take him out and rocket through the atmosphere only to land at a lake (which to me seems like there couldn’t be a better place to put him) and show just the burned remains of the mask… that was also a lot of fun. I mean who doesn’t love that last shot that shows our favorite killer having the potential to return in some crazy impossible way?!


While the android thing is probably the worst part of the movie and the acting by some of the cast was questionable (specifically Chuck Campbell the guy who built the android played by Andromeda alum Lisa Ryder who also stinks it up a bit) it doesn’t ruin the movie. The android is a great device/character that really comes into its own when needed during the fight with Jason and then helping with the computer to keep him busy. It might be cheesy and a bit over the top silly, horror’s version of Jar Jar Binks – but the movie isn’t ruined by one character. However, it can be helped by one character, or a few…

How about David Cronenberg as Dr. Wimmer (That’s THE David Cronenberg as in  Scanners The Fly The Dead Zone, etc.), or Kane Hodder doing his Jason thing, Lexa Doig another actor from the show Andromeda being the hottie sort-of hero, and of course Todd Farmer (writer of Jason X) as Dallas. These awesome cast members added a lot to the fun factor of the movie.

Another big big reason this movie rocks is that, of all the other horror movies that have made it into space, this one does it better than the rest. It’s a great story line [I think] where a sequence of events places two characters in a position to be in the future in a sort of believable way. I dig the idea that the human race had ruined Earth and moved on into space, and I dig the idea of some clumsy school kids out on a exploration field trip stumble across Jason and his last victim. I also dig how the technology fits really well and doesn’t seem impossible for the time period. It’s just fun story telling.

On a side note, I will say that Pinhead in space wasn’t that bad, but in my opinion Jason X takes the prize of horror figure heads in space. This is of course not counting stories that originated in or from space like Alien or Event Horizon.

Some of the best lines in the history of Friday the 13th films are delivered here and we owe it all to those previous films. Jason X is in its own way paying honor to the character and all the fun he’s brought to our horror lovin’ lives. The scene in the movie where that tool Professor Lowe is telling everyone “it’s ok… he just wants his machete back…” hilarious and perfect set up for what came next. I for one as part of the audience thought while laughing ‘Noooo, you don’t give Jason his machete back! Now you’re all dead!‘.


Like I always say, movies like this are made for fun. For the entertainment value. They are made for the fans, for the people who love the character. The people who love to see the kills. The people who get excited about things like an upgraded super Jason. They are made for people like myself. Not a fan of the movie? Ok. I won’t push you into it. But I think if you’ve got issues with this movie being anything other than fantastic, you’ve missed the whole point. For one thing, horror isn’t always about being disgusted or grossed out over guts and gore. It’s not always about being scared or jumping out of your skin. Sometimes horror is just for the fun of it and that is what makes Jason X a great fright flick!


Enjoy the horror my friends!

– Mr. Frights




  1. My name is Todd Farmer and I approve this message.

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