Something useful for Collectors

February 10, 2012

Any collector who takes their stuff out of the boxes knows that not everything stands up the way you’d like it to. Sometimes it takes a nice little base to help out, but not everything comes with a base. You could of course buy packs of bases, but while they are failry cheap how do you know if they will fit the figures you’re trying to stand up? I’ve had it happen where I went to put a base on one of my figures and the base broke because it was slightly too big and I tried forcing it in. The other thing is, what about the stuff that you can’t put a base on?

Well, the solution to this problem could be pretty simple. There’s this stuff called Sticky Tack that I’ve been using for the better part of fifteen years. I originally was using it to put posters and stuff on my walls so as not to damage my walls. This was way before the Command Poster Strips that I now use came out. The problem with using the Sticky Tack that way was that the blue color kind of soaked into the white wall and into the paper of the poster like some kind of greasy residue. I digress though. Long story short, I stopped using it for posters and started to use it to help prop up things that couldn’t stand on their own.


I bought a Jason Voorhees figure that came with his mother’s severed head, but the head wouldn’t stand up and I wanted to display it with the figure without it being on its side. I warmed up some Sticky Tack in my hand (it’s easier to work with when it’s warm) and put a small amount on the bottom of the head then planted it on the shelf. Boom! It stayed and hasn’t fallen over yet. I’ve moved the head a few times over the years and the Sticky Tack hasn’t left behind that blue residue as the shelves have a finish on them, so that’s not an issue.

I also used it on other figures that tilted when I stood them up, figures that would constantly fall over because of bumping around or shaking, and to help stand things up like one of my Jason Voorhees masks that I sat on a shelf. A little Sticky Tack and the mask stands up in place as if it has a base!

While you can get the Sticky Tack in blue, you can also get the 3M/Scotch version of the stuff which is gray. They usually sell it where you can get office supplies in pretty much any store. Find the Scotch tape and you’ll find this stuff, it’s usually that easy. It’s kind of like a putty, but the more you handle it the more it gets sticky from the warmth of your hands. The stickier it gets the better it is to work with to make things stick the way you want them to. When it cools, it hardens but not all the way. You can just sit what you don’t use pretty much anywhere without worrying about it getting contaminated or getting it all over the place. I’m telling you, this stuff is the best.

I know the pics above only show the smaller stuff, but I promise it works on the big stuff too. I have this stuff keeping my 12″ Mezco Jason Voorhees from falling over as it does; and though I put the pic of the tiny Jason mask key chain up there I also have a life sized mask I made being held upright on the very same shelf using the Sticky Tack. Obviously you can use what amount you need and if you are careful (unlike myself) you can work it out so that it’s not really showing. The photo of Jason’s mom’s head… let’s just say I just slapped a bit on there and was done with it. Had I taken my time I could have finessed it a bit and you’d probably not even see the blue stuff.


Enjoy the horror!


– Mr. Frights





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