The Walking Dead mid-season rundown

December 1, 2011

So Frank Darabont [forced] to step down as show runner of The Walking Dead and the season is at it’s mid-season break. I’m not familiar with the comic, but the first season of the show was really amazing. The second season so far has been pretty good. I say “pretty good” because they just spent an entire half a season in the same spot looking for a lost little girl and taking care of some wounded. Not much body count, and not many zombies to deal with. The few zombies they have dealt with were indeed revealing of the times these people are surviving in, but still, most of the season was “side quests”.

Did it make a difference not having Darabont in the driver’s seat? How far along were they before he stepped down? Was this season a little bit wasted because they had so much more time to work with? Do you guys think it actually paced itself well?

I for one hope they push up the pace a little. I’m not sure where they are going or some of the stronger plot points they need to hit, but it kind of bothered me that they became so “stuck in the mud” so to speak, on that farm. Other than that, they had some great zombie kills (i.e. the well walker) and the mid-season finale wrapped some things up nicely (I don’t want to give any spoilers for those who need to catch up). The character growth was really exciting and it’s getting harder to decide who my favorite character is.

I love Daryl, Shane is a giant tool, and Rick comes off like a real pansy some times. Last year it was all about Rick and how badass he was because of his circumstances, so this is a huge change for me. I’m not sure if this is exactly on purpose or the people running the show don’t really know what direction some of these characters need to take to be the people they want them to be. People don’t just change that quickly. Granted, the circumstances are extreme, but still, development (growth) vs. changing outright are two different things.

Andrea is coming into her own so far and that’s been cool to watch. She doesn’t want to be a victim any more and from season one all she was doing was being a whiny crying victim of everything. I really like Glenn too. He’s a character I hope we’ll see a lot more from. He’s been so much a background part of the main cast that I’m just expecting him to have some great moments.The rest of the cast, they haven’t changed for anything and I expect them to be the most stable and I don’t really care about them one way or another. As far as I can say, they are completely expendable and bring opportunities for the other characters to change at their loss or whatever happens to them.

[Sneak Peek Here]

Some of the things I’d like to know… when they do finally move on, will any of the farm people be following the main group? Who, if anyone, will be sacrificing themselves for the others to get away? Will they run out of resources with all the extra people to support? Will there be a walker invasion the likes of what we saw on the highway at the opening of this season? How else or what else could make them have to move on? Herschel? Hmmmmm.

I enjoyed this season, probably not as much at the first season but I definitely am looking forward to what happens next and isn’t that what makes a great show? The “what happens next” factor is sort of my guide to what kinds of shows I think will make it… this show has that in spades and because of that I hope it lasts a while longer. We’ve seen it before though where a show has had that factor but because of lack of support from a solid fan base or solid profits coming in it just collapses.Here’s hoping for a good five season run!

Oh and I hope you guys have been watching the after show “The Talking Dead”. It really is fun to get those insights from cast and crew from the show and some of the fun facts and upcoming teases they give. I think they actually gave something away they were not supposed to yet during the last episode, and that moment was kind of funny. When the show is released on DVD, the Talking Dead should be a companion set to it. Good on ya!

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– Mr. Frights



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