American Horror Story – Episode 3 (The Final Report)

October 20, 2011

Ok, so I’m gonna make this one quick. Saw the third episode and I have to say I’m now pretty sure I’m hooked. I give everything about three episodes to impress me and they’ve done a pretty good job of that the whole time. My only issue with the show was pretty much that I recognized so much of the material from other movies and shows. This episode had me the whole time and I didn’t recognize anything. I’m not saying they are still not pulling from past sources, but I didn’t see it so I’m ok with it at this point.

I have way more questions after this episode, but I’m happy they’ve lets us in on some of the other questions they’ve built up since the beginning. The balance of feeding info and presenting people with mysteries and “what’s next” situations is excellent. It satisfies and frustrates you all at once with wanting to know more back story and more about the characters and questions about what’s to come while steadily answering questions you pick up from previous episodes.

The show still weirds me out, which is a good thing because there are not any shows on now that make me feel this uncomfortable. Good job! I can’t wait to see what’s coming!!


– Mr. Frights




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