October 12, 2011



I know you know what I mean when I say “The 31 Days of Halloween”. I also know that you know that I know if you don’t know what I mean then chances are you haven’t been following my posts on Facebook this month (first, shame on you. Really? I expected more from a varsity letterman AND my ones of friends) but hopefully you’ve been making your own for me and your other rabid horror fan friends to follow and hopefully they’re now making their own lists and playing along with the rest of us cool geeks like Michelle Fatale and the Green Machine Himself, Mr. Frights, who are chillin’ with me in the back of the bus chuggin’ rum straight out the bottle.

Now, I know how I’m doing it, and I’ll explain that later. Not really sure I’m playing with everyone else’s rules, and that’s fine by me. There’s several ways that I’ve seen it done and honestly, I like all of them – to each their own, I say. Wanna play? Of course you do! Here’s just a couple ideas for you I’ve seen friends do online:

I saw a few people make up their list ahead of time that went something like this:

Day 1: First horror movie ever watched.

Day 2: Favorite ghost-themed horror movie

Day 3: Favorite remake

Day 4: Favorite horror/comedy

And so and so and so forth. I like that, I really do – it gives you something to plan for all year long and tweak as you go as you maybe find new horror movies throughout the next year that you like that you can add to the list, or maybe a new happening triggers an old memory of a movie you saw long ago that maybe you’d forgotten about that you can now add to the next year’s list.

Now, there’s one dude I found out there that goes by the name of El Tremendo who just goes completely all out and hog wild, and you can find him here – www.eltremendo3000 – and I really love this dude’s style. Every day he picks a flick where he was inspired/amused by a plotline, actor, actress, director, or whatever, then not only picks his flick, but throws up a review of said daily flick, complete with screenshots and in-joke captions for us other geeks to marvel at, as well as why he picked said flick for the day. That, my friends, is a dedication to/obsession with horror, ESPECIALLY October and the 31 Days of Halloween, that is more than worthy of our respect and admiration.

Now, you might think that my ego would be saying right now that I’m saving the best for last in describing my way of doing it. Nah, what’s best is what works best for you. I just happen to be my own favorite subject, so that’s what we’re closing with. If El Tremendo is the Hannibal Smith of this undertaking – always with a daily plan and an execution of painstakingly great detail, then I would be more like Faceman – flying by the seat of my Levi’s and relying on nothing but good looks and fantastically ridiculous charm and whatever whim I may have caught at that instant where my list is regarded. Yep, that’s right – whatever hits me to watch when the kids are in bed and my lady is sassified is what I watch that night, and it will then be posted for the Facebook community to see in all its glory. On a rare occasion, someone at work will ask me what my movie is for the day and I’ll pick one off the top of my head and rattle it off to them, then the day is set before I even get home.

As of this writing, ’tis now October 11th and the month is one-third over already. THIS SHOULD NOT STOP YOU FROM PLAYING!!!! Sorry, just really, really passionate about this. The 31 Days of Halloween is one of many, many things that make my favorite time of year even better from where I sit. I’m not saying post it daily for the world to see on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you use. I’m just saying, horror fans, that it’s really a butt-ton of fun and it truly does enhance the Halloween season for all. If you aren’t playing now and you want to, jump in – never too late. If you aren’t playing now but still feel it’s too late and want to play next year hey, more power to you – that gives you plenty of time to get next year’s list going strong. You’ve got the passion, you’ve got the tools, you’ve got the talent…IT’S MILLER TIME!!!


– Craig McGee



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