Review: American Horror Story

October 6, 2011

There’s no better way of starting a new TV series than by presenting a situation where the audience will have tons of questions that they will want answered. American Horror Story did just that. In one episode they presented a creepy, edgy, and somewhat racy story filled with all kinds of questions that anyone who tuned in will want answered.

I’ll be as spoiler free as I can be here, but if you haven’t seen the show, you may want to hold off on reading what follows.

Questions I have after episode one include things like ‘what is the neighbor’s back story’, ‘what originally made this house a center of such activity’, ‘who is the maid’, ‘who is rubber man’, ‘what just happened where the husband was sleepwalking’, ‘can ghosts have babies’.


They also did a good job of presenting the recent back story of the family that moved in. We know why they moved, we know a bunch of the nasty details about what brought them to this point, and we know a good bit of everyone’s role in the story so far. It’s definitely adult oriented coming complete with full male rear nudity and an uncomfortable implied masturbation scene, so don’t let the kiddies hang around while your watching.

As I pointed out in paragraph one, they did deliver on the creepy in their visuals. These ghost stories often disappoint but things like the heat between the husband and the maid turns kind of icky when the maid looks old and blind in one eye to everyone else but looks like a smokin’ hot maid to him. And the creepy gets pretty freaky when the wife seems to have a roll in the sack with one of the spirits that haunts the place.


The daughter isn’t neglected either when her new pal convinces her to pay back her bully from school by scaring her in their basement but things go a bit wrong when she sees these spirits seem to intervene.

The story is there, the scares are there, the intensity is there, and the heat is there. I can hardly see anything anyone could say is not there for them to at least give it a try. I wasn’t too impressed with the marketing and promo campaign leading up to the show, but I still gave the show a shot and it turned out to be intriguing enough for me to want to tune in next week. As always, don’t let the info that came out about the show turn you off before you give it a chance and at least watch one episode. Hopefully it is a good episode you choose to watch.

FX has a pretty good track record for these edgy TV shows, so maybe this will catch on and take off the way their other cornerstone series have. The show for sure has balls which I believe was something they focused on. Shock to keep the audience tuned in to see what they will do next. I’d almost say this thing belongs on HBO or something. As ghost stories go though, it’s pretty fascinating and it’s not hokey, boring, or low key.

Set your DVR’s and make this one of your weekly staples for now,.. this way I have some others to chat with about the show.


– Mr. Frights





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