Halloween Decoration: Glowing Eyes

September 12, 2011

New video from Mr. Frights… Glowing Eyes you can use for Halloween or just to mess with people. Instructions as well.

Found some eyeballs at the Dollar Tree and thought I’d make a cool little decoration out of them. I have to admit, I got the idea from another website, but their version involved ping pong balls and making them into eyeballs with stickers or markers. This way you don’t have to worry about that step. Or, you could do that and make your own awesome eyeballs of your design.

1. Get a pack of eyeballs from the Dollar Tree for a buck. Get a pack of battery operated tea light candles.

2. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS STEP… Kids GET AN ADULT TO HELP YOU! Adults should be careful too, if you slip, you could hurt yourself very badly. Get a drill if you have one with a really big drill bit, preferably one with a point at the tip and sharp. I also tried just making a hole in the eyeballs with a sharp instrument (i.e. a small knife with a sharp tip, a screw driver with a nice point on it, ice pick… You get the picture) and then using an old metal file to make the holes as big as I needed them to be. I suggest the drill though, or something that will get the job done quicker (even heat to melt the hole).

3. Put the eyeballs over the lights and turn the lights on. The lights are not hot enough to melt the eyes.

Some suggestions I’d have would be put them in a window, a dark room, put them in a mask or the head of another prop like a skeleton or something. If you make a ton of these I bet it would look awesome in a dark room or outside in plants or woods or trees or something like that. CREEPY! And FUN!


– Mr. Frights



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