NECA Freddy Figure Update

September 4, 2011

OK, so all the pictures of the NECA Freddy Krueger figure from A Nightmare on Elm Street apparently were taken from the promo photos for the toy. This is important because the photos do not match what’s in the box! I happened to be at Toys R Us and ran across a fresh stocked shelf of these figures and to my surprise the face on the toy isn’t the same as the face I originally posted about here in my comparison of several Freddy Krueger figures. Maybe it’s the lighting in the photo or maybe it was a prototype used for the photos before the final sculpt was defined. Whatever it was, I have to update my previous statements about this figure.


It’s really a great toy. The hat in this case is flexible, not hard plastic like other Freddy figure hats. This means it fits better and will stay on better. It comes with two super long arms that easily pop off and on, but not so easy that they fall off. The joints are nice and movable but stay in place too. The hands have to be popped off and on to swap the arms, so be careful when doing this with the gloved hand as you could potentially break a blade. The figure gave me a little difficulty with standing up, but after messing with it for a bit I was able to get the feet into position for standing and they don’t look funny or anything.


The actual sculpt of the face does indeed look like Freddy from the first movie. As I said before, my benchmark for a good sculpt is if I can see the person behind the mask/makeup, and I definitely can see Robert Englund in this sculpt. As an added bonus they also include a variant head from the same scene that the figure is taken from. This is the head with the skin peeled back to reveal the skull and big eye balls.


I’m glad to add this figure to my collection and I would suggest anyone into collecting pick this one up for sure. It’s an odd piece because of the long arms and that makes it stand out on a shelf full of normal looking figures. I have to take back my original rating for this toy of two screams and give it a good four screams along with the Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 figure.



– Mr. Frights





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