Why Halloween?

August 25, 2011

Some people can’t appreciate how fans of Halloween are obsessed with the holiday. Spirit Halloween recently [a while ago at this point] asked how to explain this very obsession to the people who don’t get it. Here’s my reply…

While I can’t speak for others, I know there are plenty out there who will share this point of view on the subject. Halloween to us is the one day when society joins us rather than the reverse. It is a type of freedom when we can be who we are and be accepted and not looked at as a bunch of weirdos and freaks. True fans of the holiday don’t just practice their creepy during that time of the year, it is a lifestyle, something to be had during all times, all seasons. Halloween is just the time that makes it ok to be ‘The Adams Family’.


Just as people who love holidays like Christmas, Halloween fanatics are dedicated and extreme. I’ve personally gravitated to Halloween since I was a kid. I loved monsters, being scared, trick or treating for candy and whatever else I could get from the neighbors including the occasionally disappointing tooth brush which is just part of the game. I love horror movies and comics and books and plays and anything else scary I could get my hands on. Horror and Halloween is a chance to stand apart from the conformity of “normal” society and I’ve never felt that I belonged to anything “normal”.

Halloween is just fun, plain and simple. When I was a kid I was allowed to have that fun once a year and in a very limited time frame of a night or two. I grew up wanting that fun to last longer than anything else I celebrated during any one year. I slowly made it last longer and longer as I got older. Parties and other events, film festivals, conventions, attractions that you can visit throughout the year, summer time festivals with horror themed rides and haunted houses… I ate up as much as I could. As soon as I was old enough I was off on my own hitting up any Halloween hay ride.  My best friends and I would get together when any of our parents went away for a weekend and we’d rent as many horror movies as we could watch during that time. When I moved out on my own I made it a point to add as much horror and Halloween stuff to my place as I could without turning away friends and family.

People all knew me for my love of horror and Halloween. I was always the one people came to for theme ideas for Halloween parties. Eventually I got into costuming and makeup. Nothing super elaborate or anything, but much better than what stores offered back then. It set in that people would get me horror movies for my birthday and even Christmas. Heck, some of the best horror stories are from Christmas to being with… Can you say “A Christmas Carol”? What about “Scrooged”.


Now days horror and Halloween are way more accessible and available than they were when I was growing up. It’s been a short time so this is really impressive, but it shows I wasn’t the only one. There’s an entire generation like me. Generations before me and new generations coming up that thrive on the stuff. I spend the months from July on up to October 31st gathering up my Halloween supplies and decorations. Some people start the moment November 1st hits and go all year long! If I could, I totally would follow suit.

I want to be that person who lives in the spooky house on the block; the house neighborhood kids avoid and dare each other to go up to or spend the night in. I want to drive the spooky car, perhaps a hearse like this guy in my old neighborhood drove around. I want to be the guy known as Mr. Halloween the way I saw this older fella who is known as some kind of Mr. Christmas is known because of his decorations and his own radio show he broadcasts out of his own home and how he judges the town decorations every year. I’ve always wanted to be that guy.


Even people who enjoy Christmas or some other holiday the way I enjoy Halloween can’t always seem to grasp it. I mean why indulge in images of horror and fear and decay. Why surround yourself in spooky and scary things that are disgusting and grotesque? Because even though it’s not your idea of happy with all the smiles and sparkles and stars and typically happy imagery, it is my own idea of happy. Those things that scare me or make me feel spooked out indeed make me happy! I love being scared. I love being grossed out [to a point]. I love gore and horror and ghosts and goblins and all manor of spooky and creepy creature.

I can’t really explain it beyond that. If you know what it is to love a holiday, any holiday, then you know what it is to love Halloween. If you know what it is to love a certain sense of style, then you know what it is to love horror. If you know what it is to indulge in a hobby passionately, then you know what it is to indulge in the macabre. It’s the same thing, it’s just not of the “normal” and that’s the whole point!


Halloween all year long is my goal and it’s because I love the things associated with the holiday so much so that I want to live it, breath it, eat it, feel it all the time. I feel like me when it’s that time of the year and I want to feel like me year round. I’m more comfortable in the dark than I am in the light. I’m more relaxed in a home with webs all around and moving shadows in the corner of your eye, and ghostly visitors hanging about. That’s my “home” where ever and when ever that exists. This is why I love Halloween and this is how I explain it.


– Mr. Frights





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