Dramatic Readings a Lost Art?

August 18, 2011

Dramatic readings. What are they but someone reading aloud a story with feeling behind the intended action in the written word. In an age when we are so full up on big screen movies, little screen movies, and just reading tons of books that those movies were based on or vise versa we never hear about the art of dramatic readings anymore. Maybe it’s because of how long a story is and people might not dig the idea of listening to someone ramble out the words from a page for hours. Audio books might fall under this category and I know at least one of my friends who is totally into the audio book because of how much he’s on the road.

For the travel distraction alone audio readings are worth it, but what about something shorter. Would you be into checking out short stories that take mere minutes to tell? Short films take only minutes of your time, so why not listening to someone tell you a tale? I’m not even talking something that takes more than the time to get through a commercial break.

Recently an old friend of mine started to dive into his creative side and wrote a story. That story gave way to his presenting it to people in a not so common way these days; with his own dramatic reading. He props up his story with a singular image, the picture of a door barely open with light gleaming through very eerily. His story is also backed up with some spooky mood music to help the listener get lost in the feeling the story is supposed to bring out in the audience. With those in place he begins his reading and I was lost in the thrill he stirred up in just telling his point of view scary story.

I ran a contest about dramatic readings a while back on www.mrfrights.com. No one answered my call. It seems I was just a bit ahead of myself because here now it seems someone is coming through with their style of creepy in this arena. I’m stoked to say the least because we have a new player in the game of scary stuff and it hopefully will lead to more. I’d personally enjoy seeing more people come out of the box with this type of thing. Often I sit here writing and listening to something. It would be great if that something was a haunting story instead of the usual Halloween playlist of music and movie trailers.

I invite you all to check out this story written and presented by David Beaumont. Then I invite you to do the same. Make your own story, put it together with something creative to present it to us. Think you can?



– Mr. Frights



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